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Hello forum, grandpa32 here(newbie) and hoping to find more information. Please chime in with any questions or thoughts. Sorry for the long winded post.

As the title says I'm 32yr old male, 5'7", 200lbs, and overall genetic freak of nature. My pcp dr has referred me to an endo after a recent DEXA scan t score =-2.3. My recent vitamin D value was 7 and given my complaints about muscle pain, past bone fractures, and feeling like I'm 100 yrs old, so ordered the DEXA scan. I've felt 100 yrs old for many years and my last pcp told me to suck it up and not complain until I was 30yr old. Grandpa was a nickname I had in college. So at any rate my blood and metabolic panel was all normal including calcium and potassium. Lyme was negative. I've not had testosterone or PTH tested yet, I assume that is next? Possibly Celiac?

Little history...I was diagnosed lactose intolerant at 10 months old, so I grew up on soy until about age 5 and could tolerate cow milk ok. I rarely ever drank milk after puberty although would eat cheese and ice cream. I fractured my thumb at 14yrs swatting a bee and hit my desk. At 15yrs I dislocated my leg from my hip in a soccer accident where I slipped and kicked the ground on a kick off. I sometimes wonder if I fractured my hip or femur, and it took a full year to recover to be able to walk normal again. That accident ended my soccer and land sport career for the most part, and so I went on to swimming and weight lifting through college. I'm wondering if my olympic level swim training has contributed to my thin bones since it's non-weightbearing, and training inside. I was also very into weight lifting, benching twice my body weight. People never believed my weight and always though I'd be a lot heavier than I was at 160lbs. I'm beginning to think I already had thin bones since that fact and I could swim so much faster compared to others around my height was competing with guys much taller. In college due to acute injuries I also dislocated my shoulder, had a metatarsal fracture, and rib fracture. I often dealt with knee pain, tendonitis, and muscle tightness/strains although I was and still am quite flexible.

More recent acute injury history with multiple cervical and thoracic sprains, a multi-rib fracture, tibia fracture, metatarsal fracture, and ulnar fracture. About 2.5 yrs ago I fractured my tibia and one month later my ulnar wrist, and also had a chronic sprain in the good ankle and RSI in the good wrist, so I was pretty laid up for most the year recovering and gained about 30lbs in a year which has me at my current weight. I've also suffered some oblique muscle tears which felt like a rib fracture(maybe it did?), so I haven't exercised much the past few years, and when I do I seem to injure something or be very sore after.

So after the low vitamin D result came in I started taking D3 supplement 1000iu twice/day. After two weeks I started getting forearm spasm and tingling fingers and continued for 2 more months. My hands got so tight I could barely move them until I had PT on them. I never put the correlation together until just recently when I stopped taking the D3 and switched to a men's multi-vitamin with half the D3, and I also started taking a Ca/Mg/Zn supplement. The first day of the switch I had almost no tingling and muscles were no longer spasming. I don't know if the D3 was bring about a Ca/Mg/Zn deficiency? My symptoms while taking D3 alone seem to fit with Ca/Mg/and Zn deficiency as well as B6 vit, although it may have just intensified those deficiencies.

The past few years I seem to have slow healing, shortness of breath just walking up steps or hills, and general bone/spine and muscle pains. I always wear a hat with my cue ball head and often sunscreen when outside. Most weekdays I don't get much sun. I haven't really lifted weights in a few years, but I find it weird I've had more people say I'm jacked now(worst shape of my life) than when I was a stud athlete. I have terribly flat feet and rather large clown feet for my height and always had prescribed orthodics. In high school I started getting terrible shin splints even before my dislocated leg when jogging 1 mile or more and this continued through my early twenties. In my mid twenties I was able to get up to a 5k with minimal shin splints. Maybe I learned to run properly, or built up bone density? I'm quite sure I'd get bad shin splints now or fracture something jogging.

I understand advice here is not medical, although I might learn more here than from my quacks. So given my history and everything does it sound like this is just all from a primary vitamin D deficiency? Maybe secondary deficiency? I'm guessing the parathyroid is not hyper with a normal calcium level, although PTH hasn't been tested? Could hypo-parathyroid cause this? I guess I have a lot of risk factors so it maybe multiple things? It maybe hard to rule a few things out until more testing. I'm just worried about more serious causes like kidney/liver disease or cancer. Also curious about the treatments for males of my age.

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