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I am 64, 5 year post breast cancer treatment and on a Femara hormone blocking drug. I will end Femara treatment in Jan. 2013. I am taking 1800mg calcium citrate, 5000 IU of D3. I live on a farm and work physically hard each day 365 a year! I have never smoked or drank. I have developed some pretty severe osteoporosis. I don't know what my bone density scores are unfortunately. I have tried taking oral Boniva and Fosomax but the joint pain I developed was so severe it was debilitating. My oncologist and internist have suggested the infusion type as in Reclast, Forteo, and whatever the others are. I am very worried I will suffer from this extreme pain again from these classification of drugs. I have asked both doctor's and they seem to blow me off. I can't live with that kind of pain if it develops from the infusion drugs. Would it be temporary or year long? I can't seem to find any answers. Where would I go to find answers. My onc. just said a "bone fracture would be worse." I don't know if that would be truly the case. Thank you. Sharon
Dear Sharon: I remember you as the first and only person who ever posted an immediate response to my initial post in March or so of this year. Pls. note I posted a 6 month follow up to my double mastectomy just a few hours ago.

Just an "aside" to answer your concerns about osteoporosis. Has any MD ever ordered a Vitamin D level on you? It seems to be much talked about in the journals as a widespread deficiency that goes unknown because it is not routinely checked. Long story short, I was just checked and found to have a level of 24, with normal values being 30-90. (There is more than one type of test, so I cannot comment further than my numbers). Without sufficient vitamin D in your body, taking calcium is worthless as you need the D as an adjunct. I am wondering if this would extrapolate to infusion drugs, as I know it would relate to oral meds like Fosamax and Boniva. You may consider ensuring you have enough Vit D before you go any further. Deficiency is so common because of use of sunscreens, and it is a hard vitamin to ever be enough in one's diet. Yes, milk and Yoghurt, etc. are D fortified, but it is a drop in the bucket compared to what our bodies need. Supplementation with oral D I believe is the way to raise the #, but a true deficiency would require way more than what D is found in vitamins. 400, even 1,000 mg. a day is just not enough if your body is deficient.

Anyway, when I read your thread I felt I should throw this "aside" to consider on your quest to find something to address your osteoporosis.

I'm thru the bulk of my BC treatment, and doing OK. I hope you are otherwise well also. The best to you.

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