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I could find no legitimate, ie accredited source, saying that replacement therapy in and of itself causes osteoporosis. Hyperthyroidism or taking too much replacement hormone can be problematic. Unless you have some sort of other factor going on, such heavy use of steroids like that seen in some lupus patients, you would just be wasting your money, time and health resources in getting a DEXA (or bone density) scan. The replacement dosage is that which is correct for each individual to acheive an optimal range as measured both by labs and relief of symptoms. I have Hashi's myself and need much more replacement levothyroxine to keep in my optimal range than say you, but less than someone else. I believe the reference range for most labs of TSH is now 0.1 to 3.0, but even my own lab has a reference range of 0.27 to 4.20 uIU/mL. If you wish to do the best for your bones, keep your thyroid levels in the optimal range, eat right, get plenty of rest and do weight bearing exercises, lol just like Dr's tell you to.

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