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I had to stop monthly Actonel because I developed Carpal Tunnel symptoms in both wrists and Tendonitis in my left elbow so severe it made my life miserable. I had injections three times in all locations with no relief. I was barely able to practice my yoga. Once I stopped Actenol, within a month my pain had subsided and within 2 months it was gone! My doctor had me tested for Reclast but my urine levels weren't high enough - so just to let everyone know that Reclast is not an option for all people. I take 13 supplements daily and practice Hatha Yoga in 101*. I went from an Osteoporosis level back down to Osteopenia - with no drugs!

Just an FYI....I am 54 and have been off Actenol for almost 2 years now.
I was on pain management for a lightning strike over 30 years ago when I developed the extreme joint pain. Both my doctors (gyn and pain mgmt) knew I was on Actenol, but never told me this could be a side effect of the drug. It wasn't until I ciould not go on living with the horrendous pain that I googled "extreme joint pain". Actenol appeared and I immediately put 2 and 2 together, choosing to stop the medication and do whatever it took to keep from losing bone. I was diagnosed fairly young - 50 and had always lifted weights. SInce I stopped Actenol, my dr. suggested Reclast, but you need to have a certain creatinine level - thus the 24 hour urine test (you collect it for 24 hours so the correct level is determined). My creatinine level was too low for me to be considered. I also have had bone loss in my jaw and Reclast can cause osteonecrosis! I am having nasal surgery in March where they are injecting my platelets and cow/pig cadaver bone into my jaw so there will be bone to insert a post for an implant.

I take supplements, the Bone Strength and Bone Booster as well as Citrical + D with Bone Density - a total of 13 a day. I have no side effects whatsoever. I also practice yoga. I have structurally integrated my body and as a result I have returned to my original height. Many people want to be out of pain but don't want to do the work to get there. I have found that once your soul is open you can begin to heal - anything! I am no longer on pain mgmt (after 4.5 years of narcotics) and my body has healed from the lightning strike - no more nerve pain.

Good luck to you.

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