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Osteoporosis at such an early age is often cause by either excess parathyroid hormone causing calcium to move from bones to blood, or an absorption problem in the GI tract where you are not absorbing calcium properly. Vit D deficincy, which causes poor calcium absorption, can be caused by malabsorption too. A common cause of this is celiac disease from gluten intolerance. I would ask to have blood tests for parathyroid hormone, antibody tests for celiac disease, and a Vit D level checked. I would think the endo may have already ordered some of these, but if you have hyperparathytoidism or celiac, Fosamax won't really help. Have you had anemia (another sign of celiac?) Have you avoided milk because of allergy or lactose intolerance? It is important to figure out the cause for this and not just try to treat it.

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