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Thank you for your informed reply ladybug! I have had a few blood tests my GP ordered after the DEXA and radiologists report/suggestions. I believe these were just to cover general organ health markers, serum calcium, thyroid function and inflammatory markers. Everything thus far has come back fine -which is weirdly disappointing, I wish there was a problem to fix! After seeing the endo he requested some more tests to cover vit D, celiacs and I presume I few other things since it required 5 blood vials and 2 urine samples.

I have had no signs of celiacs and generally eat a very low gluten diet anyway as my partner cannot eat gluten. I had a short stage of avoiding milk when I was around 16-17 but drank "womens specific" fortified soy as an alternative.

The endo suspects I am just having an unluckily huge response to a very short period of anorexia diagnosed at 18 (in recovery by 20) which is why he has prescribed the Fosomax even though we will wait for these final blood results. I however am beginning to think I will opt to not take the drugs just yet. I have scaled back my training, resigned from elite sport, and am no longer exercising for 4+ hours a day. I am still active, but more like 1 hour a day. I figure that I have time on my side, and because of my age I am at low risk of fracturing despite some Z/T -score locations being -2.9. I will see if being even more careful about my diet and doing less endurance/intensive exercise will have any effect over the next couple of years when I get another bone scan. If the bone scan shows further loss, or I suffer any fractures etc I will re asses this decision. It seems best to save Fosomax/bisphosphonates for when I am actually at risk of fracture.

Still hopeful for celiacs or something to show in this final round of tests!

I am grateful for this board as it is difficult to discuss this sort of thing with my friends etc who are not at all concerned about osteo at this stage in their lives!

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