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I had similar T scores and was told osteopenia but scores were trending downward. I asked if it was time to start medication but was told to treat with exercise, diet and vitamin d plus calcium. I am 63 years old and was active, walked 3 miles daily, good diet and taking the supplements but not religiously.
I suffered two spontaneous spinal fractures 5 months ago. I had no previous signs. I don't want to scare you but you can suffer a fracture without really bad T scores.
You are doing everything right it sounds. Be persistent with your doctors, quit all alcohol ( I miss a good Margarita and only take one sip of husband's wine) , and walk as much as your pain allows.
I also suggest you make an appointment with a Endocrinologist then select between the Rheumatologist and the Endo. Both treat Osteoporous but from different perspectives. You may have a better connection with one over the other.
They explained to me that your bones may not metabolize calcium correctly and may still be weak, although not porous as shown with T scores.
If needed, don't completed rule out medication to treat. Take it from me, a few side effects may be preferable to a spinal fracture.
I just started taking Forteo and will post in future my progress.
TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS! No one is an expert on you, but you.

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