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Singing girl .. I have some positive news for you. If I were you I would take your ezorb as recommended. mix powder with juice and stir till disolved. I am over 65, with many health problems like diabetes, Osteoporosis, heart valve problems, thyroid disease, asthma, had skin cancers and a lot of pain. There are more health problems, but can't think of them all, but what matters is 1. I am on a lot of medications, vitamins etc. My doctor wanted to put me on meds for Osteoporosis, I didn't want anymore meds, especially ones with the listed side effects that was on that one! To make a long story short. I decided to take EZorb first to help my back and bones, surgery was another option for my back and neck. EZorb was such a blessing for me. After taking it as dirrected for 2 months, I feel great. It, so far is the only medication or vitamin that I can really say I feel the difference with. It claims it will mix ok with all foods and medications, and so far I have not had any problems after 3 months. The side effects? LOL I didn't know it relieved pain. Woke up one morning with "no" back pain. Had a warm feeling of comfort down my spine. This was the first sign after 3 wks. Then the neck and shoulders loosened and the pain was much better and the muscles in my shoulders from stress and my anxiety loosened up. Next, it cleaned out my bowels and regulated me to where I couldn't believe! Got rid of a lot of toxins in my system. No more constipation or diarrhea. Then I noticed I feel stronger, not so fragile like I could fall easy. My ankles and knees no longer just went out on me and I could walk a lot faster than before and my hips didn't hurt from sleeping on my side. My husband now takes it too after seeing the improvements in me and now can turn his head a lot further and has no pain in his hips either. I do not sell this stuff or have any reason to tell you a story about this, but feel you might want to give it a try.

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