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I was diagnosed with osteoporosis at the age of 34 in 2006. My T score was -3.2 spine and -1.8 hip. I had a total hysterectomy and loss of both ovaries the previous year but I must have had the osteoporosis before then because one year can't produce that much bone loss. I was on Lupron in 2004 for endometriosis but only for three months. I was a smoker for nine years (1997 to 2006). But I suspect it is the fact that I have been on thyroid meds since 1989 that has made my bones so bad. I have always been a low normal weight range and very active.

Only after I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in 2006 did I fall into anorexia nervosa, which didn't become severe until 2008. In 2006 I was prescribed fosomax but was too afraid to take it so I never did. I gained twenty lbs (partly from quitting smoking and partly to be healthier although at that point I was already a normal weight range, just the low end), continued to search for an hrt I could tolerate and settled on the Vivelle Dot patch, began weight training (a physical therapist got me started), religiously took calcium and D, and was prescribed miacalcin (calcitonin). In 2007 my spine density improved to -3.0 and hip -1.2. But then I fell into the eating disorder and became severely underweight for a very long time and my scores slowly plummeted. This year my scores were T score -3.6 spine (z score -3.4) and -1.8 hip (z score -1.4), even with supplementing calcium/d and on the Vivelle Dot patch. I had stopped taking the Miacalcin in 2008 due to sinus issues with it. I am sure the weight loss and lack of nutrition and body fat didn't help.

In 2012 I kept injuring myself running and had an xray of pelvic area due to chronic pain. No fractures were found but the radiologist noted in his report that my bones were horrible. Just from looking at the xray.

I am now finally back to a normal weight range but because of the severity of my bone density and the continued loss of bone mass despite hrt, I am facing being put on Prolia. I am waiting to find out if insurance will cover it. I continue to do weight bearing exercise but am careful with it. I have not yet fractured but have strained myself way too many times and my entire spine is chronically sore, as is my left pelvic area. I couldn't run if I wanted to anymore because of the risk and the chronic soreness that gets worse with it. I took up cycling for cardio instead.

So I guess for me there isn't any one cause. I just have many risk factors...small boned, white European descent, former smoker, on Lupron, thyroid meds, eating disorder, loss of ovaries and surgical menopause (probably the worst factor), and I have been a strict vegan for three plus years. I am working hard to increase calcium and protein in my diet and just eat more overall and have put back on a lot of weight to help myself, but i fear it is too late for that alone to make a huge difference or protect me.

it is difficult when you are young with this disease and are facing another forty years of life with it. The drugs to treat it are harsh and the long term effects still aren't known. Peak bone growth slows down considerably as we get older, so we are facing a serious uphill battle. I fear what my quality of life will be like in ten years. I am 41 now. Somehow though I have made it for eight years since my diagnosis without fracturing and have lifted insanely heavy loads (18' 47 lb canoe over my head on a trail for example, or 40 lb pack over long hiking and canoeing trips). Still I am not too confident in my bones. I wish I had a success story to report but I am in the same boat. The only reason I had the first dexa scan in 2006 was to get a base line since I was newly in surgical menopause. I'm glad I did or I would shutter at how bad my scores would be now as I would not have made as much effort to do something about it.

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