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I've not been on this board for quite a previous visits had to do with Forteo. I've been on Evista for several years, except for that 2 yr. Forteo experience.

After having breathing difficulty for a few days, my son MADE me call the Dr...after several different tests, I ended up in the hospital for 8 days with blood clots in BOTH lungs. Every Dr. and nurse who entered my room told me I was very fortunate to still be here. I was told that often, with this problem, a person goes to sleep and does not wake up! Another blood clot was found near my knee. Pretty serious!!

The first thing that happened was to take me OFF THE EVISTA!! They told me it was not a common thing, but once in a while this can happen.

I was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis at 50...I'm 67 this year. It's very scary to me that life-threatening challenges can so easily happen!!

Three months ago, I was also in the hospital (I'm NEVER in the hospital!!)...they found the Meloxicam (replaced the Celebrex) that I'd been taking (again, for the osteoporosis) for several years had caused giant ULCERS!

PLEASE research the meds that are so casually given to us!! I'm supposed to have the Reclast injection this week....but after doing some research, I'm rethinking this.


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