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... Hi Arlette, The bisphosphonate meds (fosamax, actonel, boniva) - the most widely used - DO have a host of side effects, for many people. Sometimes they occur right away, and sometimes after some months of use. There are some lucky people who don't get side effects, too. The ones you mentioned in your post are among a long list of probs from these meds. It's hard to say... (3 replies)
... on it, so I can't say I've had any problems with it since I haven't. I tried Actenol for a little over a year and saw a .2 increase, which wasn't enough since I had already had several fractures. ... (17 replies)
... I'll post a link that explains this, I can't tell you what to do, but in my case I took Actenol up to and even during the first month of Forteo, due to a mistake made by my Dr. ... (17 replies)

... d osteo. I love to walk, but i don't know if i could keep up with you. I was "depressed" when i first found out about it, but got over that as soon as i stopped actenol and started strontium. Now its a part of who i am, but not the defining part. I feel good about what i'm doing and plan to keep it that way. ... (8 replies)
... Hi Osteo: Here's what I was thinking, you see if this makes any sense with the timing between your scans. From what I've read and have been told, it takes most people 2 years to see any significant change in bmd. When I had my first scan (QCT) it was -3.6 then 14 mos later had another QCT and it went up by .2 to -3.4. I didn't think the second scan was much of a... (21 replies)
... Hi Boomer: You are absolutely correct in your statement, but some patients see gains earlier than 2 years and many others don't see "any" until the end of treatment. Forteo also continues to work, for some, up to 18 mos after you stop it, but for some they loose their gains right after stopping-unfortunately we all react to this stuff differently. What type of side... (21 replies)
Dec 20, 2007
... Thanks so much for responding. I have decided to go to an Osteoporosis specialist. My regular GP Dr. means well, but his options for me are just unacceptable. This Forteo drug cost $15,000.00 for two yrs of treatment, which is all the longer you can be on it. It's suppose to increase your bone density, but you're taking Strontium and getting the same thing for a fraction... (6 replies)
Dec 19, 2007
... Hi ram, welcome to the board :wave:. The RX Strontium Renalate (Protelos) isn't available in the US. It hasn't been FDA approved for use here and i really don't know if it ever will. It's the strontium in it that is the active ingredient, the renalate is a salt they added so it could get patentened. The OTC strontium that i take is strontium citrate ( NSI Strontium) and... (6 replies)
... How are you doing since your surgery last week? I am considering Dr. Norman's clinic, am afraid to take my endocrinologist referral for a surgeon in town. My calcium and PTH are high, sometimes in the abnormal high range, but a sestimibi scan turned up negative (very disappointing). I am 52 and have osteoporosis, which was very shocking. My physician prescribed Actenol,... (6 replies)
... Hi wolf0999, welcome to the board. I've been taking 680 mg. a night for almost a year and a half and i haven't noticed any new aches or pains. In fact, after about 6 months i realized that my back didn't ache as much or as often as it had. Everyone is different so i can't say if your back pain coming back or mine going away is from the stontium or something completely... (1 replies)
... Hi Clerklady: I'm so sorry for all your problems!! The way I understand these osteo drugs, is that antiresorptives (fosamax-boniva-actenol, hrt, calcitonin) just "slow" bone loss they don't actually build bone. The thinking is if the bone loss is slowed then you end up with a net increase in bone since the destruction is under control so to speak. The only meds that... (15 replies)
... Yes, you are right, actenol is killing my GI, I have vocal cord problems because of it, so i am going off...... ... (2 replies)
... Hi wolf...when i stopped actenol after 2 months i waited a month before starting the strontium... ... (9 replies)
... This is exactly why I posed the question here. I know my doctor won't have a clue. Perhaps I should see a naturopath dr. Otoh, I have only been taking Fosamax for 3 months so you've given me some direction. I phoned my pharmacist yesterday and told her I was quitting the F. I wanted to know if there was a weaning period before starting the S. She told me - "Do not quit... (19 replies)
... to the board. I've been taking strontium for over a year now. I took actenol for 2 months, but decided it wasn't something i wanted to continue with. I waited a month to start the strontium, but i did this on my own. My dr. ... (19 replies)
... Hi BrittleD...welcome to the board. I find it intersting that you said you felt the dx and meds had changed're right they have in a sense. keep in mind that you are the same person you were before the dx. Only now you have the nagging question of the "what could/would/ might or never happen " thinking. You're dr., like most, feel they have to do something if... (13 replies)
... one already had a root canal and the crown fell off, and the other has calcified nerves so a root canal can't be done. I do not have Osteonecrosis, I only took Actenol for a short time, and my dentist has decided he will not pull either teeth. If I leave the teeth in I risk getting septicemia. ... (28 replies)
... OMG, I'm so sorry about all your fx's!!! Did the dr test you for any other secondary causes for osteoporosis?? I hope you are seeing a specialist, but if not at least you dr sounds like he's on the ball... What type of dr are you seeing? I'm sure we'll hear from you tomorrow, because I know you'll do just fine with the shot.;) ;) I've had 7 back surgeries and 6 of... (12 replies)
... Hi deanana...if i had scores like yours and had "mild osteopenia" i wouldn't take actenol or any of the osteo drugs. I'd be one happy camper and work to keep it that way. ... (8 replies)
... take a drug for life or risk a fx...just because bone density is lower doesn't mean that a fx will happen, just that the risk i higher. I didn't even think that actenol or any of the other drugs could be take for life. I think i would be looking for a new dr. ... (13 replies)

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