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... Hi Stephi: I certainly understand your reluctance to take a bisphosphonate, because I'm currently in a situation where I'm having a hard time getting someone to pull a tooth that needs to come out. I took actonel for 13 mos and have been off of it for over a year, but I'm finding out that because of this, dentist/oral surgeons are afraid of me. I'm taking forteo and I... (73 replies)
... Hi..the strontium i take is a supplement, strontium citrate. Prescription strontium, strontium renalate, is availabe in Europe and elsewhere around the world. It's shown good results with incresed BMD and fewer fx. It would be nice if the FDA approved it for use here, but there is so much funding from the drug companies that i can't see that happening anytime... (13 replies)
... Serious: Thanks so much for the info I found it... I guess what I have going for me, after reading the article is that I only took Actenol for a little over a year (orally), and I've been off of it for a year. The only thing I can't figure out is how in the world you could get your CTx score up that high if you took or are taking bisphosphonates, or Forteo like I am. If a... (22 replies)

... I'm having trouble finding anyone who will pull 2 teeth that have to come out because I took Actenol for a little over a year. ... (22 replies)
... Hi: And welcome.. It depends on what insurance your mom has. Does she have Medicare Part D rx coverage or does she just have the Standard Medicare plan that doesn't pay for rx's? If she has the Part D plan, they pay a portion of Fosamax, Actenol, Boniva, SERMS (what she's on) hormones, Calcitonin (injectable and nasal spray) and Forteo (but it's supper expensive). ... (3 replies)
... an some and from my results seems to be working just fine. My dr. knows i've been taking it...i told him i was going to after i told him i wasn't going to take actenol or any of the other osteo drugs he suggested. Like most dr. he wasn't aware of it, but didn't try to stop me from using it. ... (12 replies)
Does it work?
Jun 25, 2007
... haven't had adverse effects from any of the meds i take now. It was after my eyes got very dried out and i felt a small lump in my throat that i stopped taking actenol after 2 months. From the beginning i was nervous about taking it so stopping it was the right thing for me to do. ... (14 replies)
... Dear Taape, I took actenol for 3mos. ... (32 replies)
... Hello everyone, Just got back from the dentist, actually peridontist, and he told me some alarming infor about these "wonderful" drugs our doctors are prescribing for osteo. He showed me articles from various dental journals, that these meds do more harm then good. He refer to them as a dentist's nightmare. for they effect the jaw in a negative way. He also, told me these... (32 replies)
... one this is my first time here. I have osteopenia and I have tried almost every drug to slow this down but nothing is helping, my internist just took me off the actenol last week, I was having the heartburn side effect, been on it for about 4 months. ... (18 replies)
... Hi Yef...i took actenol for a couple of months before deciding to quit. When i told my dr. ... (7 replies)
... When dx i took actenol for 2 months before deciding it wasn't for me. I developed very dry gritty eyes, which i'd never had before. ... (15 replies)
Then and Now
Apr 29, 2007
... too...i started out taking actenol for a couple of months, but the more I read the more i knew it wasn't for me. ... (6 replies)
... fosamax, actenol etc. ... (30 replies)
... Yef, Actenol is also a biophosphate, as is Fosomax; therefore, the same, or similar, side-effects accompany use of it. Ezorb and Strontium are two alternative choices that do not carry the toxic side-effects of the biophosphates. The Myth book will also help you to put your health care into better perspective. All the best. (15 replies)
... erful site. I ordered, as suggested here, The Myth of Osteoporosis and another book about Preventing and Reversing Osteopenia. Someone did recommend that I try Actenol ... not sure about this one. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks! ... (15 replies)
Apr 11, 2007
... I have taken many different drugs for osteo, and none of them did much good to my bones. Now, I have been taking Forteo for almost 2 years. It has helped according to my bone test. Actually it shows I am now in the early stages of osteo )I can't remember the name of the condition). I need to see a rheumatoid doctor to see where to go from here. Has anyone gone through the... (11 replies)
Apr 10, 2007
... mom, reading the Myth of Ostooporosis will give you lots of good info and will also help put things into perspective. I found it to be very helpful After taking actenol for a couple of months and decided it wasn't the road i wanted to take. ... (11 replies)
... Hi All: I thought I would add to the sentiments on bisphosphonates, and as of yet, the only people I've talked to that have probs with them were either here or other similar places. Personally I know at least a dozen or more people that have taken any one of them for years with no probs, and were not even aware of the side effects. The problems I had with Actonel, were... (30 replies)
... I'm in my 8th year of Fosamax and my results duplicate Barb's. Also have several friends on either Fosamax or Actonal with no problems. Unfortunately, with any drug there are those who will suffer side effects and we never know till we try. (30 replies)

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