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... :wave: Hi Dorri Thanks for your reply . As I understand it. Our bodies are making and loosing bone all the time and when we get to the stage where we loose more than we make then osteoparosis occurs. The medication stops the loss of bone hence the increase in bone density and the pain felt is the body absorbing the medication . That much I have learned through researching... (23 replies)
... pain I too am trying to continue for the sake of treating my osteoporosis. I have so many questions trying to figure out if this pain is actually caused by the actonel or something else. My thought being if it is the actonel, why the pain doesn't ease at the end of the week just before taking my next weekly dose. ... (23 replies)
... will measure the level of success of this idea. It seems that the doctor wants to keep me taking Actonel forever, so I hope a truly great alternative comes along soon to help all of us who are wrestling with this problem. ... (8 replies)

... VERY sore leg muscles, charley horses, etc. And so, right away he wants me to go on Actonel. He said Actonel would be easier on my body. But aren't they exactly the same thing? ... (1 replies)
Off the actonel!
Oct 10, 2004
... Well, been awhile since i've posted. Tried the actonel and evista as well as calcium and vit. D. My GI tract was going crazy. Doc said to stop the actonel and go with the others. I am worried that this my reduce my success of rebuilding bone.... anyone else have GI trouble. Also been having lots of joint pain. ... (12 replies)
... Hi, I have read some horrible things about Actonel. Has anyone had any success on other alternatives to build bone? ... (6 replies)
... This is incorrect information. Bisphosphonates do increase BMD. They do this by reducing bone resorption by preventing the osteoclasts from resorbing to much bone (so the 'pits' are not so numerous nor so deep). The osteoblasts then are lay down new bone. Also, it allows for proper secondary mineralization (which also leads to increases in BMD). Bisphosphonates bring bone... (6 replies)
... I am 62 so my bone density would naturally have gone down with no treatment so staying the same for 7 years would have been a good thing. I will now go back on Actonel and hope it improves more. My doctor has seen good improvement in some patients who finished their two years on Forteo and then back on Actonel. ... (7 replies)
Success Stories!
Dec 1, 2003
... Hi, I too was diagnosed with osteoporosis 2 months back. I was started on actonel and did light weight lifting for a month until I developed joint pain and muscle weakness. ... (4 replies)
... I'm not on any of the meds you mentioned in your post. And I'm also not using Forteo. However, MANY posters here have used, or are still using, Forteo. Apparently with much success. Have you discussed this option with your doctor? Now, it is expensive, and your insurance would no doubt have to approve your use of it, but from what you say about your osteo numbers, they may... (7 replies)
... Hi KathyMac: Glad to hear from you. Thanks for explaining how you were able to walk with a fracture; I thought it was certainly possible, but you know how insistent drs can be. You mentioned how you had your spine fused above and below a fracture; did you have kyphoplasty at the fracture, or some other spot in the spine and did it help? One of my concerns is that domino... (9 replies)
... Your experience with calcitonin is not unusual. Many who have tried either Actonel or Fosamax have had similar adverse reactions. ... (9 replies)
... PatNJ, I thought I understood from my doctor when I started on Forteo that I shouldn't continue taking Actonel (I had been on it for a year). When I wasn't sure I called to confirm and she said that you should not take Actonel/Fosamax while on Forteo. I would be interested if anyone else had any different instructions regarding taking both. As for traveling with the... (80 replies)
... L5 area. Got sick injections, pills, and no success so I quit going to any doctors 4 years ago. ... (14 replies)
... Just a thought. Osteopenia and Osteoporosis are generally not believed to cause pain by themselves. Usually it's when a fracture happens that the real pain starts. The Osteoarthritis is probably what was causing your pain. These are opinions I've heard from various specialists and also on the various medical forums. I'm not in the medical profession myself, and I could be... (4 replies)
... s done on a different dexa machine. This latest one was done on the original scanner and didn't show any change in the hip or spine. Prior to the Forteo I took Actonel for six weeks and waited 2 months after I stopped, to start the Forteo. ... (9 replies)
... Wishing you and your wife the best of health, and success in your investigations! ... (10 replies)
Does it work?
Jun 22, 2007
... algaecal caused me to lose bone, vit k2 is too expensive so I am at present just on vit D3 and question is has anyone actually had success with any given treatment ? ... (14 replies)
... Hi! I'm also new to the board and have just been diagnosed with osteopenia. Told to go on actonel but didn't like some things I read about it. I did buy Vit k froma company called biotics. Its liquid and I put a drop on my calcium tablets. ... (11 replies)
... called Actonel or Fosomax. Some of us take Evista or Miacalcin due to the fact that we were unable to tolerate the bisoprophens. ... (1 replies)

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