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... IV biphosphanate for osteoporosis ... i can't take fosamax or actonal, so was kind of horrified at my prospects, but my endo told me about this treatment ... ... (24 replies)
Feb 15, 2006
... t have any clue that these biphosphanate drugs are toxic poisons that contain the same type of chemicals used to remove soap scum from your bathtub. ... (10 replies)
... i find it questionable that the IV fosamax should be any diff. from the oral unless you're having a problem with absorption (stomac acid, perhaps??) ... i do respond to actonal, but can't tolerate it, which is why i've tried calcium/magnesium ... i don't tolerate the cal/mag that well either (magnesium makes the bowels loose -- should help with your constipation ;) ), but i'm... (24 replies)

... Although I have not started treatment yet with Fosamax or Actenol, I know I will have difficulty tolerating either since I've had stomach issues for the majority of my life. I like the IV option. I'm not sure if I'm eligable and if they even offer this in the states, but I will bring it up with my docs. Could you tell me if it has any side effects? (muscle or bone... (0 replies)
... I have been taking fosamx (70 mg once a week) for four years with no improvement in bone density. One of the four years I tried actonel due to gastsric problems with fosamax, Also took with 1200 mg calcium daily, I exercise daily, don't smoke, drink. still premenopausal. My doctor says my bone scan is that of a woman my age who has never taken osteoporosis drugs at all! ... (24 replies)
... Health Food Store (24 replies)
... what is HFS (24 replies)
... ok, just lost another [email protected]## reply by not clicking "submit": i'm taking Wampole brand tablets that are the most disgusting shade of turquoise -- calcium (333mg), magnesium (166mg), and vit. D (175iu), so if i take 4 of them, it'll be 1332 mg calcium etc. ... 5 would be 1665 ... i'm trying to get up to 4 tablets, plus extra vit D (1000iu, or even 2000), and will eventually get... (24 replies)
... jinglebts...First, you might consider traveling with a water vac. I also hope they have beeping appliances in their house, or you might feel alone. The vitamin D should be 1/3 of the amount of calcium you take. Most of the time you will get that amount in a multi vitamin (like centrum siler, etc.) Mke sure that you check your serving size on the supplements... Mother was... (24 replies)
... No I cannot. I take it because, like you, I know it is important for proper health, especially for those of us who have osteoporosis. (24 replies)
... well, i'm going to see my DD's new (old) house in another city mid-month, so please lord, don't let her basment flood till after i've left ;) , and given the immense amount of research you've done :eek: , i believe you (did you know i believed you in the first place? well, i did :D )... did you mean "and 1/3 of the 1500 calcium of vitamin D (or 500 mg)."? thx for the... (24 replies)
... One good thing about magnesium is that it is water soluble. Therefore is you get too much of it your body will will just get rid of it. (lose bowels, or urinate it out) This isn't true with supplements like iron...they can build up in your body. Wondered if you can tell a difference when you take the natural calm and when you don't? thanks (24 replies)
... Be careful when taking extra magnesium as it can cause loose bowels. I take a product called Natural Calm which is a powder so it can be regulated. The loose bowels also tell you whether or not you actually need to increase your mag. (24 replies)
... No you haven't offended me. I think you need a vacation (maybe somewhere without water). I understand what you said about the site. I was afraid it might turn people off because they were pushing a product. That's the same thing my mother said. She said she'd like to see the research. I told her ok, so I brought her a 4 inch thick file. She started reading it and said... (24 replies)
... calcitonin, which comes in a nasal spray bottle, is good for the spine ... the only reason i'm not taking it is that it so irritates my nose (sneezing is ok, having to blow is out) ... i used it for three years w/o any side effects, then went on actonal, then tried to go back and gah! -- agony! and guess what -- i broke my hip while on it, but i'm certain (i know from the bone... (24 replies)
... So when we take this crap we are damned if we do and damned if we don't? I take actenol, I went one year without taking anything but calcium and magnesium supplements after 1 yr, my lumbar bone mass increased by 1% and my hips decreased by 30% so how can one increase a little in one place and decrease drastically in another? Because it is my hips he insisted I take the actenol... (24 replies)
... thx again!! mercola also recommends vitamin K ... i was prescribed it once, back in the dim and distant, and it seems to me it hurt my stomach ... what do you think? jb (24 replies)
... He's a doctor. Sometimes they put there head down and just keep running and eventually then run into a brick wall. I agree with you on doctor Mercola, but in this case I think he explains the mechanism of fosamax best. Believe me I did check nmumerous sources to make sure. His explanation is just a good basic overview in this situation. One word though...the end of the... (24 replies)
... ok, thx for the update and info -- i'll check what dr. mercola has to say too ... sometimes i think he's a bit airy-fairy, a "loaf short of a slice" sort of thing :rolleyes: , but not ALL the time ... jb (24 replies)
... You have to have the right ratio of calcium to magnesium. It doesn't matter who you are. It is simple chemistry. period. You body (and bones) has to have the magnesium to absorb the calcium, otherwise is you're taking too much calcium it will just suck out all of the calcium. Most experts agree on a 2:1 ratio (calcium/magnesium). You might read a book "The Magnesium... (24 replies)

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