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... ce of the bone, therefore showing a higher bone density after a DEXA scan, but in reality, leaving the underlying bone brittle, and becoming more brittle, as the bisphosphates are continued. ... (6 replies)
... was referring to was a new clinical trial of a PTH patch. i hope I am eligible. keeping the calcium level stable to grow bones is much more acceptable to me than bisphosphates that stays in your bones causing pain as well as GI problems. ... (6 replies)
... ere open to other options. I'm going with the one specialists who is looking at continued PTH but not Forteo per se. I think the specialist I saw who recommended bisphosphates didn't know what else to recommend and wasn't interested in hearing my concerns with taking it as well as the documented complications of stomach irritation. ... (6 replies)

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Feb 11, 2007
... far superior to that produced by the bisphosphates and they work in totally different ways. ... (8 replies)
... well, I know many docs think that bisphosphates are ''better'' for bones. I, personally, am NOT so sure about that. But then, who am I to say what's better, and what's not. ... (5 replies)
... I shouldn't be on it. It's just like HRT. Some women are still taking them because it's all the medical community has to offer for the effects of menopause. The bisphosphates are like HRT, it's basically all they have for most us. ... (7 replies)
... Oh, my. The drug companies aren't going to like Dr. Ott saying that. They want every woman over 50 on bisphosphates and have the ad campaign to prove it. In my estimation, Bisphosphates will be the Hormone Replacement Therapy debacle of the future. ... (18 replies)
... I saw Dr. Oz on Oprah and I noticed he didn't mentioned any of the bisphosphates for treatment which may mean he forgot or he is not a fan. He recomended weight training and sunlight for vitamin D. But he didn't go into it enough. ... (9 replies)
... then you were REALLY lucky! Everybody has a different metabolism, and reacts differently. Even so, most people I know have just come to the conclusion that the bisphosphates are poison, and have stopped using them. I myself have decided against medication. ... (17 replies)
... If they had caught it earlier, could the bisphosphates have stopped the progression of the disease? ... (12 replies)
... I'd be careful about taking oral bisphosphates because they can cause stomach problems. Even if you can tolerate it now the problems can develop overtime. ... (7 replies)
... I talked to my doctor about this a few years ago when she wanted me to take bisphosphates but not specifically actonel. ... (1 replies)
... Thanks for your comprehensive search of the bisphosphates. This just shows that we have to be vigilant in watching for symptoms if we use them. And, preact and research ANY medication we are given for osteoporosis. If the side effects out weight the benefits don't take them or go off of them. If you stay on them reassess them each time you see your doctor. So far, I... (6 replies)
... If you had broken a hip you probably would have had a faster recovery. I'm so sorry you had to go thru all of that. The bisphosphates are relatively new drugs and we are just finding out just how far reaching the side effects are. ... (18 replies)
... n my case they did not and the side effects were much worse than the original problem. I feel that the drug companies push to get all women over the age of 50 on bisphosphates is comparable to them trying to get them all on hormone replacement therapy. ... (8 replies)
... Does anyone take Evista for Osteoporosis? My doctor is trying to talk me into taking Evista and the Climara Patch since I can't take bisphosphates. Thanks! (4 replies)
... I'm really angry about this scam, which I think is going to end up exactly as the HRT fiasco did. Another great experiment on women (and some men). Well said, Starfish. We should all take heed of the HRT fiasco. I remember doctors telling me all women should take hormones well into old age...meaning 80's & 90's. They even said some would still have their... (22 replies)
... AMEN!!!! I had severe neck and shoulder pain that developed about a year after starting Fosamax. I didn't say anything to the dr. because I knew she would send me to specialists and they would put me on more meds. I used hot packs and Tylenol until finding a thread on this board from a person who had the same pain and said it was from the bisphosphates. I went off my Fosamax... (6 replies)
... Osteoblast: I am 62 and went thru menopause in my early 50's. +My gyn wanted me to go on hormones at that time but I was not convinced of their saftey. Many studies had been done with conflicting outcomes. So, I never took them. Now I get this same feeling about the bisphosphates. I wish I had never taken them. With the extra D, calcium supplementation, weight-bearing... (20 replies)
... BoomerBones: My doc is a specialist in osteoporosis and he is retiring from practicing to go into research on osteoporosis and I expect good things from him in the next 2-4 years. At his suggestion I am looking into a yearly infusion of Reclast; it was approved in April 2007. (You can also get infusions of Boniva, I think every 3-4 months.) Before I get lots of emails... (17 replies)

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