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... lately I have noticed Im getting spots like a pimple but white and they cant be squeezed as its solid ... ... (9 replies)
... hi jen, its not vitiligo as these are raised spots not just skin discolouration Im thinking it may be a face cream I was using which has calcium in it and probabley blocked pores with the calcium cheers (9 replies)
... hi jrose , thanks for your response ,I found out it is milia which can have many causes one being using face cream that is too rich which I have stopped using & the spots are getting better its nice to know that milia has nothing to do with calcium intake regards Myth (9 replies)

... These are amelias (sp?) They are from clogged pores, not calcium. When I used to get facials the lady used to put hot packs on my face (or the steam machine) and then use a needle to get them out. They used the tip of a diabetic syringe, which is what I use) You can do it yourself. Put hot washcloth on for about 10 minutes (keep putting it on hot), then get a needle and... (9 replies)
... When I used to get facials, they told me they are from clogged pores. Not calcium related. You can get them out by using hot cloths to soften them and then sterilize a needle, poke them in the middle and squeeze them. ... (9 replies)
... hi lynm, that sounds exactly like what I have, the raised white pimples & the flatter ones they know the cause? its a relatively new event with me & wondered if it had anything to do with calcium & or vit D or maybe just the face cream thanks myth (9 replies)
... Have you checked into Vitiligo? It also presents with white spots. (9 replies)
... These are amelias (sp?) and are caused by clogged pores (most likely from moisturizers). When I was getting regular facials, they used to put hotpacks on face or steam machine to soften them. They used to get a needle and prick them in the center and then squeeze them out (there's a white thing in there). Since AIDS, I can't find anyone that still does this but you can do... (9 replies)
... You could also have Keratosis Pilaris. A very common begnign condition that causes raised bumps on the skin - particularly on the upper arms, legs and face. A lot of the women in my family have it. The bumps in KP seem to arise from the excessive accumulation of keratin at the opening of individual hair follicles which causes plugging of the hair follicle and raised bumps. ... (9 replies)
... I get these kind of blind pimples and the girls at beauty shop call them mila.. meila or a name like that... After quite a while they can be pricked out, like pin head size while hard stuff! Not sure if this is what you are describing? Also have just got slightly raised white bumps that are different again, flatter and more longer.? Lyn (9 replies)
... I don't know if upping your calcium would offset the effects, maybe you could eat more calcium rich foods during this time instead of more supplements. If the prednisone takes calcium would taking more give it more to take..does that make sense? ... (19 replies)
Apr 14, 2008
... e able to use these. Lemon works well for a variety of things. I've been using peppermint for the night sweats, but I put it on my neck and also on the painful spots and it's helping. Peppermint oil is very similar to ice packs, because it cools and those topical pain lotions. ... (20 replies)
... This is an endocrine disorder, involving calcium metabolism. The resulting raised parathyroid hormone levels and raised serum calcium levels can cause many problems. I had an operation to remove one enlarged, overactive parathyroid gland, and a thyroid nodule, 14 months ago. ... (64 replies)
... how it will effect me at old age if i make it thier. i have low body wieght but i never considered myself anorexit, i also have had kidney stones , witch is from calcium deposits i guess, and oste is lack of calcium? ... (20 replies)
... Someone sent me this today. Thought it interesting. TAKE HEED !!!! This is really an eye opener! We all know that water is important but I've never seen it written down like this before. WATER (33 replies)

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