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... Are there specific exercises that will open up the lung cavity which is cramped by the Dowager's Hump ? ... (1 replies)
Dowager's Hump?
Feb 19, 2002
... I am overweight, but only 39. I have a noticeable "hump" on my upper back- where neck and back meet. I understand this to be a dowager's hump? If I lose weight, does this minimize the hump? I have had this for years, but it's getting larger or maybe it's because I'm larger?!! Anybody have anything similar? (2 replies)
... Do all people who are diagnosed with osteoporosis get dowager's hump eventually and lose height? ... (6 replies)

Dowager's Hump
Feb 27, 2003
... I am a 25 year old woman who has fully recovered from 6 years of anorexia. I now find that I have a Dowager's Hump. It is scary to think that if I look like this at 25, what will I look like at 50, or 75 years of age. I a desperate to know what I can do to improve this, or prevent it getting any worse. All suggestions, or advice welcome! - jessiejane (2 replies)
... sit with straight back but worry that isn't enough. Is there a brace or exercise to help prevent Dowager Hump? ... (6 replies)
... actually it depends on the extent of the hump but if it is minimal(which doesn't sound like it to me)some surgery can be done but it is very little change. She can try beathing excersises, maybe the pulmonary Dr can get her into physical therapy which can help. Kephosis is basically a permanent hump. (1 replies)
... I thought that a dowager's hump was just a hereditary oddity. ... (7 replies)
... Hi Kathy: I'm afraid that I don't have any experience with this, but does your insurance pay for a second opinion? There are several things I don't get, which might be cleared up by a second doc. If you have a dowagers hump, that means you have had compression fractures, but your t-score is normal??? It's possible to sustain a fracture in the osteopenia range (-1 to... (7 replies)
... Have you lost height? Have you had any compression fractures in your spine? I'm no expert, but it sounds like your back may be developing the beginning of a dowager's hump. What does your doctor say about pain and osteoporosis? (6 replies)
... I hope you will consider getting yourself to teaching hospital if you can at all. Throwing off a lot of calcium in your urine is not good. You could end up with kidney stones. If you already have osteoporosis ( I think you said you were fairly young) already, you could be facing a Dowager's Hump, broken bones, difficulty breathing, loss of height, etc. If you are in the... (8 replies)
... years of back pain and at the point of seeing the right dr. had multiple compressed fractures in my back, a dowager's hump already appearing and like you, was throwing off a lot of calcium in my urine. ... (8 replies)
Aug 6, 2009
... spine is no longer osteoporotic and the femurs are now in the osteopenia range. I would prefer not to take a bisphosphonate, but my mother had severe dowager's hump by the time she was 65 and I really really do not want that! ... (12 replies)
... Phyllis, I really appreciate your encouragement. My doctor always makes me feel like I will be walking in with a dowager's hump and a broken bones the next time I see her :confused: and I always leave feeling "weak" and kind of depressed. To me, it looked like one of my numbers had actually improved, she would never acknowledge that!! Also, it didn't look like she should be... (4 replies)
... One expert has stated: "The information about fracture risk obtained from a DEXA is only around 20% of the patient's total risk." But at this point in time, that's the best indicator we easily have. Of course, if we wish, we could simply decline any osteoporosis therapy until we have the first osteoporosis-related fracture (or a dowager's hump starts to appear). But hip... (13 replies)
... I switched to Boniva this month after 7 years on Fosamax just 'cause I like the once monthly. Unfortunately, I never asked for DEXA results so don't know T-scores (but I will). Both the DEXA tech and my pcp said spine is good; hips still slightly osteoporotic. I would like to discontinue bisphosphonates, but my mother had a severe dowager's hump, which I do not want;... (7 replies)
... l range. Test after test apparently showed no pathology, so endocrinologist says it's a "fluke." Maternal grandmother had osteoporosis and I've had a dowager's hump since I was in my 20's... but, according to the endo, my bone density looks good. Anyone else experience anything remotely similar? ... (7 replies)
... Interesting reference site. I would think the DEXA-scan tech might get a little testy if they had to review the abstracts cited and make adjustments accordingly for patients taking Strontium. Does this apply to the natural strontium, I wonder? I will look forward to seeing DEXA results for those of you taking it. The info and photos on dowager's hump/kyphosis (vertebral... (17 replies)
... I get tired of defending Fosamax and may well wind up with severe side affects, but I do not want the dowager's hump and easily broken bones my mom suffered. ... (13 replies)
Dowager's Hump?
Apr 28, 2006
... Hi there, Just poking around and ran into your not so recent question . Have you ever heard of Cushing's Disease/Syndrome? Being overweight and especially that lump of fat at the top of your back are symtoms. Check out for lots more helpful info. Hope65 (2 replies)
... hypatia so how bad are your T-scores to be prescribed fosomax? Where you formerly diagnosed with osteoporosis? I am curious but how do you know that is the fosomax and not the calcium + excersice what has help you to not get worse? I know my mom has ostopenia but at her age 64 that is average and not reason to get on drugs and panic. (10 replies)

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