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Dowagers hump, ect
Jun 14, 2001
... I am just coming to terms with the realization that I have osteroporosis. I have developed a large hump just below my neck that has developed in the last year. ... (2 replies)
... Thank you DesertBloom for your comprehensive reply re Dowagers Hump. Have organised a Bone Density scan initially and will take it from there. ... (4 replies)
... Usually a dowagers hump or spinal curve is caused by compression fractures of the spinal vertebra. ... (4 replies)

... Dowagers hump symptoms (4 replies)
... NO ONE and i mean NO ONE in my family knows this about me! and now i am thinking i may have dowagers hump. What do I do? ... (9 replies)
... You mentioned that your mother had a dowagers hump, do you think that was strictly from postural probs, or do you think she may have had compression fx's and didn't know it? ... (10 replies)
... ave to say I feel blessed that there is such a drug as Forteo and hopefully I won't have to suffer the way my poor mother did. Will Forteo prevent the S curve or dowagers hump? ... (6 replies)
... Hi Kathy: I'm afraid that I don't have any experience with this, but does your insurance pay for a second opinion? There are several things I don't get, which might be cleared up by a second doc. If you have a dowagers hump, that means you have had compression fractures, but your t-score is normal??? It's possible to sustain a fracture in the osteopenia range (-1 to... (7 replies)
... My brothers girlfriend had a huge hump removed.. it was simply a monster cyst. ... (9 replies)
... I understand these fractures don't exactly heal and that if we get more, we can become stooped over and sometimes even get a dowagers hump! ... (10 replies)
... ve a dxa until years later, and I wasn't on any estrogen so I suffered bone loss from that, or so I'm told. My grandmother also had severe osteoporosis with the dowagers hump, and lost height so I have a family history of it. On top of those things I was in a bad car accident in the late 70's and fractured my spine. ... (13 replies)
... Hi Hypatia: No fractures don't show up on most dexa's. They can show up on CT, MRI's or x-rays and some x-rays won't show them either it just depends on the age of the fracture and size. I ask my dexa tech about fx's showing up on the test and she said no they won't because of the type of scan it is-but that was because they didn't offer this new test. However, and... (4 replies)
... I keep meaning to ask if compression fractures show up on a DEXA scan? (4 replies)
... Hi all-gosh, I feel as if I've been especially "chatty" on these boards lately ;) , but I really believe that the more info/experiences/knowlege we share, the more we can help each other. Anyway, I've been taking weekly acupuncture treatments for osteoporosis for the past 2 months. The first few were concentrated more on alleviating the depression/anxiety that I've had ever... (10 replies)
... It's my impression that the drugs are not "site-specific" (although it would be great if they were). Re: asking a pharmacist: I don't necessarily trust them either. There is a pharmacy in this city that calls itself a wellness pharmacy. When I went there for bio-identical hormones, the pharmacist himself sat me down and gave me a lecture about how all my trabeculae are already... (4 replies)
Honey I've shrunk!
Jul 29, 2007
... Hi Dorri and Cantell: Have either of you had fractures (fx's)? Usually if you loose that much height, there are usually fx's involved. There are procedures that can restore vertebral height that is minimally invasive and is usually completed in less than one hour-out patient. Lot's of people actually regained up to 4 inches in height after the 45 minute procedure, which is... (11 replies)
... Did you say your relatives had the dowagers hump, or did I misunderstand? ... (18 replies)
Does it work?
Jun 24, 2007
... dowagers hump so theres no denying that my bones are in need of help , naturally I want to preserve what there is. ... (14 replies)
Jan 31, 2007
... can be bearable. If you should ever start to get the problem I have with your posture, don't wait around to treat it even if it doesn't hurt. You know what the dowagers hump looks like right? ... (12 replies)
... Hi Kathy: I just wanted to tell you that I will get back to you by the weekend at the lastest, because I'm swamped right now with my med problems and a myriad of tests that I have to complete. So hang in there, and don't get worried, I'm sure it will all be figured out. If you want to read about Osteoporosis, even though your doc says you don't have it, there are many good... (7 replies)

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