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E-Zorb is great!!
Jan 11, 2008
... I just got the results of my bone density exam and am so excited to tell everyone what E-Zorb has done. Two years ago my doctor called and said my scores were going the wrong way (-1.2 three years ago to -l.4) and I should take Fosamax. I did some research and decided this wasn't bad enough to subject myself to Fosamax so I started E-Zorb. The E-Zorb people advised me to... (5 replies)
Feb 9, 2006
... I take predisone and that gave me a 10% loss of bone on my last dexa scan even though I was taking Citracal calcium. I tried Fosamax and Actonel but couldn't tolerate it and the DR was leaning towards Forteo. I read about E-Zorb on line and have been taking it for a year. Went for Dexa Scan today hoping for only a 3-5% loss and everything stayed the same. No Loss at all. I... (5 replies)
E-Zorb is great!!
Feb 20, 2008
... I've been on e-zorb because the reclast caused osteonecrosis of the jaw. I have to say that it has taken away most of the pain in my hip and jaw and some bone density has improved. My dad finally started taking it and he couldn't believe how much better his hip felt too! I am just disappointed that doctors don't recommend this instead of the calcium on the shelf that... (5 replies)

E-Zorb is great!!
Jan 12, 2008
... Montesflus, The calcium in E-Zorb is Calcium Aspartate Anhydrous. The capsules also have rice powder and gelatin. The powder has no other ingredients. As far as I know it is only available on line. (5 replies)
... As you can tell from all my posts, I am still struggling to get the correct balance of exercise/nutrition/supplementation to gave myself the best chance to keep my bones strong, and thanks again to all the posters on this board who share their time to help me, I really can't thank you all enough. I take e-zorb like some of the other posters to this board. Since e-zorb... (9 replies)
... I take E-zorb, calcium citrate didn't work for me, my spine went from osteopenia to normal and my hip was a fraction worse after a Dexa scan six months after I started taking E-zorb. Some osteoporosis experts say calcium supplements won't improve hip density. I am due for another scan next month and I'll post the results. Some posters make it seem as if E-zorb calcium is... (79 replies)
... The previous poster answered your questions regarding where to get E-zorb, as far as pricing goes, 3 bottles of 540 capsules (180 capsules each bottle) costs about $100.00 plus shipping. If you take 4 daily after the intial boost period (the first few months you need to take extra pills), the cost comes to about $30.00 a month. My cousin was paying almost the same amount... (26 replies)
... Thanks again for your response! I am so thankful for this forum! I will look into E-Zorb. I do not have high cholesterol, at my check up last year my total cholesterol was 217; Trigyceridess: 51; HDL: 81; LDL: 126. My doctor has never suggested statin drugs, and if she did, I would refuse to take them. My DH has taken Zocor and suffered tremendous muscle pains. He no... (38 replies)
... Hi phylwyll and everyone, I haven't posted on this board for a long time, but I have been reading some of the posts. I haven't taken a bone density test for over two years now, I was spine-normal, left hip-2.3, right hip-1.4. The DEXA technician told me that my left hip was worse than my right because I am right handed and my right side is dominate, he says he's sees that... (3 replies)
... Since I take E-zorb I was interested in the article regarding E-zorb by Steven Jones that a poster mentioned. Steven Jones never says that E-zorb doesn't have a 92% absorption rate, he just claims that a China study on it might not be reliable due to corruption. Jones claims that if E-zorb is 92% absorbed then the body is missing out on the beneficial funtion of unabsorbed... (79 replies)
... Hi Sona, I achieved a good spine result with E-zorb, I went from osteopenia to normal, but my left hip was slightly worse on second scan at -2.4, right hip was -1.6. I don't have a baseline for my right hip because the first DEXA scan only did the left side. I called E-zorb rep. with the results and he told me to increase tablets to 5 daily, so I take two in the morning... (44 replies)
... I use e-zorb and had a bone density test five months after using it according to the directions, with the beginning boost of a higher dose the first three months. I had osteopenia in my spine and hip before taking it. My spine went to normal, density, but my hip was a fraction worse. I called the e-zorb rep and told him about my bone density result and he told me it... (3 replies)
... Everyone I know who had their gall bladders removed are on cholesterol lowering medication, so I was wondering if you are on statin drugs, like Lipitor. Statin drugs move the cholesterol out of your bloodstream and into the gall bladder, thus the need for gall bladder removal in some people. Statins can also cause digestive problems. Many people are on statin drugs... (38 replies)
Apr 30, 2010
... I have had constipation issues most of my life even before I started E-zorb so I doubt that E-zorb has any effect. I find that Miralax daily ( l heaping teaspoon in juice) keeps BM's comfortable. You may need to adjust the dose depending on your needs. I only take the maintenance (1 teaspoon daily) of E-zorb. I divide this into twice a day (1/2 teaspoon) each. I have been... (3 replies)
Types of Calcium?
Oct 12, 2007
... I take E-zorb, the bottle says magnesium and Vitamin D are not needed to aid calcium absorption, but I take magnesium and D anyway, I take the magnesium at a different time than the calcium as my vitamin company suggests. I took calcium citrate for a few years but it didn't work for me. On E-zorb my spine went from -.08 to normal, but my hip was a fraction worse from -2.3 to... (5 replies)
... Hi Kadey, I read about E-zorb calcium on this message board, took it all summer and had a bone density test done in November. My spine went from oteopenia to normal, but my left femur was slightly worse. Before I ordered E-zorb calcium on-line I was taking calcium citrate and my bone density scores in my spine and hip kept getting worse, so it was not helping me. I don't... (26 replies)
Jun 8, 2010
... Pebewawa, Why don't you quit E-Zorb for a period of time and see if the problem goes away. If it does, then try E-Zorb again to see if it comes back. Some of us have good results with E-Zorb. Regarding your discussion on the phone with someone from the company, perhaps they don't have the knowledge to advise people and should refer you to someone who does. (4 replies)
... Hi Phyllis, Singing Girl and All, I was in the ER all day yesterday with Mom, she's ok, but I'm so tired today. Best gym equip. exercises: Lat pull down, hip adduction/abduction, row machine, leg press, (I think I remembered all of them). I take all supplements with food, But I avoid taking calcium with any food that blocks absorption, like oat bran. I don't like to... (64 replies)
... Thank you all for the encouraging comments and your support, I am really touched. I thought about all of you when I found out my score. I was so worried the doc would tell me I had osteoporosis according to their number of less than -2.5, especially since it's been two years since my last test. At my worse, my t-scores were spine -.08, left hip -2.4. E-zorb and my other... (13 replies)
... I have been taking just e-zorb,and had a slight improvement.I also eat a diet rich in calcium. I have noticed some of the calcium products I have taken,before e-zorb have caused heartburn and or constipation. I have had no problem on e-zorb. (79 replies)

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