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... ifferent times. With both medications I got back and lower leg muscle spasms. I believe it is caused because the medications decrease bone resorption and blood calcium levels. In other words more calcium stays in the bones and as a result sometimes the blood calcium gets low. ... (8 replies)
... but its use in combination with these other things. I have started taking a powdered product called Natural Calm Magnesium, which is supposed to help the calcium be absorbed. My problem, and probably that of many others as well, that I do not absorb calcium well. ... (12 replies)
... Osteoblast, I am sorry I didn't answer your question regarding my quitting forteo. I took forteo for three weeks and was dizzy during that time and quite unwell, so dizzy and unwell it wasn't worth it. Before my doctor left for another hospital she wanted to put me on Evista, what do you think about Evista? I am at a point I have to make a decision fairly soon, I took... (22 replies)

... geal problems, but just because of the small intestine Crohn's I wouldn't take Fosamax or Actonel in pill OR liquid form. We each have to weigh our own risks and how much risk we are willing to take. ... (22 replies)
... Since your mom has part d then I guess evista is just something her insurance doesn't cover? ... (3 replies)
... I am natually postmenopausal and don't take HRT. I am also lactose intolerant so I don't get a lot of calcium. In fact, I haven't even taken Calcium suppliments in a long time, and I am not on any medications for anything else. ... (9 replies)
... hose of us who have intestinal diseases and absorption problems it poses a double whammy. Because I was on prednisone for many years, I was told to start taking calcium a few years back, the problem was, there was no telling how much of the calcium I was taking was actually being absorbed. ... (14 replies)
HRT cancer news
Apr 27, 2007
... Bioavailable" means how much of a substance actually reaches the bloodstream. ... (29 replies)
... I am so sorry to hear that your dexa scores have declined six months following completion of your forteo treatment. That has got to be tough. How much did your dexa scores improve from treatment and then did you lose all of that plus some? ... (23 replies)
... that is definitely not great to hear especially with how long the bisphosphonates stay in the body. Do you recall how long actonel stays in the body compared to fosamax? ... (20 replies)
... scores are good. I can't have a dxa as often as you, because of my insurance, so I have to rely on the NTx. Evista isn't the best drug for keeping resorption low, but I didn't want to take the bp's. ... (4 replies)
... I'm tappering the estrogen since the Dr believes that's why my score went down. I will be starting Evista in July unless I change my mind. ... (20 replies)
... Gook luck and let me know how you are doing or if you have more questions. ... (6 replies)
... s like in your case....I am not sure when it was discover it was tough on bones......but there was really nothing proven to help the bones other than taking more calcium and vit d until the last 8 ish years or there was not much to help undo or counter the bone issue. ... (4 replies)
... rich diet first and see how she does with that. That's probably the most natural treatment for osteoporosis. ... (5 replies)
... jogren's from proteins in the saliva. Now that would be easier than a lip biopsy. I had to go to hosp, out patient surgery and have twilight anesthesia. It was a much bigger deal than I thought. And, I have a nice chunk out of my inner lower lip.Anyway, when speaking to the researcher at the Univ. ... (13 replies)
... en't taken diuretics for about 6 years so I know that's not an issue. I have heard that some people take them for osteo, but usually if they have a problem with calcium excretion in their urine. I believe that if you have that type of problem then the diuretic would definitely help to maintain Ca homeostasis in the body. ... (4 replies)
... I don't know much about it, except for what I've read here from others taking it. I'm just finishing Forteo and then will start Evista and have done well on the Forteo. ... (7 replies)
... but that is what I will do now considering how often ineffective, sometimes side effects and usually more harm than good coming from meds. ... (3 replies)
... thanks so very much. And, you are so right about being around others who are trying their best and how it does pull you up as well. I have felt that too. ... (13 replies)

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