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... I know I havent posted in awhile BUT I have been taking my Calcium with Vit D mornings and K2, magnesium and Boron later on ...followed by Strontium in the evenings. Bone Scan diagnosing osteopenia was Oct 2007.. ... (8 replies)
... the Dr agreeded to prescribe Evista to attempt to help my osteoporosis since I tole her I was leary of the Fosamax. I will start the Evista this weekend. Yes, I looked it up.. worst problem it can cause is blood clots.. everything can have a "possible" situation it seems. ... (72 replies)
... nd anything that maybe I could go on Evista, I've been on it before but after I got home I tried to remember why another doctor took me off, and remember I did, evista rose up my triglycerides into a dangerous level. I still have high triglycerides but nothing as bad as what they were when I was on evista. ... (5 replies)

... Hi Carol: Have you had chemo or radiation? I was wondering why you couldn't try Forteo, unless you have some pre-existing cancer situation. Is the mastocyst.. treated with chemo/radiation, sorry I don't know what that is? I've been on Forteo for 19 mos and have had fantastic results. I have no plans on using a bisphosphonate when I'm done, I want to use Evista, but we'll... (22 replies)
... It has the magnesium and Vit D we need as well as calcium. ... (15 replies)
Ostiopenia at 41
Jan 3, 2006
... D and magnesium for my osteoporosis. I want to see if I can reverse my bone loss without Fosamax, and so far it's working. ... (8 replies)
... haven't heard of didrocal, have heard of evista (my MIL is on it) but don't know why i'm not on it and will ask my semi-useless endo at my next appt.... meanwhile, went out and bought a load of magnesium pills and am trying to take them in the 2:1 ratio that was suggested (they have cal-mag in the 2:1 ratio combined into one pill, but my stomach hurts when i take it -- with... (24 replies)
... If you want to go the alternative route, this is what many of us do: - Approximately 1200 mg. Calcium divided into 2 doses Am and Pm (I think liquid best as it is most absorable. Innovative Natural makes one that combines Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D, which we also need) - I take extra magnesium in the form of a powder called Natural Calm as I think magnesium intake... (7 replies)
... Jules, So sorry to hear of your elevated levels after all your efforts! But did you also increase magnesium, take vitamin D and use Progesterone cream (by Dr. Lee)?My understanding is that "all" these are necessary. Also, it is not necessarily how much calcium you take (although, yes, we need 1000 to 1500mg. a day) but its use in combination with these other things. I have... (12 replies)
... I have been taking Strontium for about a year or two. I take it along with: Evista (in lieu of Fosomax) Calcium Magnesium MK7 (which is vitamin K2) My yearly bone density test scores are slowly getting better. Something in that list is helping me. I don't know whether it is one or a combination of these things causing the improvement. (5 replies)
... I actually was using, until a few days ago, a calcium citrate supplement which also contained magnesium as well as vit.d3. ... (18 replies)
... s thinking of once a month or once a year treatment but I'm scared to take another bisphosponate incase all the previous side effects come back. I use to be on evista before the actonel but they took me off because my bone density wasn't improving much. ... (17 replies)
Strontium users...
Jul 30, 2009
... it does reduce fractue rate and thats good enough for me to stay on it for awhile until something better comes along. I also take a bone supplement with calcium magnesium boron copper zinc etc plus vit k and recently added liquid silicon.... ... (17 replies)
... I am not familiar with Personal Programs or their products, but i have read articles from the Women to Women site. Since you're reluctant to take the Evista there are other options that are less scary. ... (11 replies)
... eb about both drugs it scared me to death, so I went for a second and third opinion. Both doctors said to start taking my estrogen again and calcium, vitamin D, magnesium etc. Also exercise. ... (5 replies)
... d I certainly cant recommend ezorb , I do know that vit D is important , as is some calcium but not too much as bone is made up of a lot more than just calcium , magnesium is also necessary , along with excercise.. ... (64 replies)
... Phyllis, we are both taking 1500 mg of calcium and 750 mg of magnesium (divided in three doses) per day. We eat lots of calcium-rich foods, and we both walk daily and do yoga. He also goes to the gym three times a week to work out with weights. In fact, he has done weight-training all his life, which is why we were so surprised by his Dx. As for me, I'm gun-shy about taking... (8 replies)
... Since your mom has part d then I guess evista is just something her insurance doesn't cover? ... (3 replies)
... D and also magnesium at half the dose of the calcium you're taking. ... (4 replies)
... If you do a search on this board you will find so much information on alternative ways to deal with osteo, but here are some basics: 1) First, read the book The Myth of Osteoporosis 2) Get a good, absorbable calcium supplement (I prefer liquid) 3) You will also need magnesium, at least equal to the amount of calcium you are taking. I take extra in separate form because if... (11 replies)

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