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... I am running out of options because I cant use a treadmill, exercise bike.... ... (3 replies)
... those that have high striking impact give the most density bang for the effort. Like basketball is a big one because of the jumping aspect. But, don't try the jumping stuff without drs. ok. ... (3 replies)
... Wow! your bone density gain is very encouraging. I commend you for not filling that prescription for Boniva, in my opinion those medications cause more harm than good and you are proof that it can be done without medication. Congratulations! ... (9 replies)

... I am going to continue for a year on the Strontium and retest. I fully expect to see improvement in the hips too. I think there is a lot we can do for osteopenia before we resort to some of the harsher meds. ... (9 replies)
... Race. Caucasian and Asian women are more likely to develop osteoporosis. However, African American and Hispanic women are at significant risk for developing the disease. ... (3 replies)
... altrate plus with minerals which I've read is not the best because it is Calcium Carbonate. I have a new doctor now and he is allowing me to stay off medications for now but he is giving me a lot of pressure to get on Fosamax. ... (9 replies)
... I also have degenerative disc, but the only thing I'm doing for it is exercise. Usually drs don't do much more than conservative treatment for it unless you have a ruptured disc or some other problem. Have you had any kind of cortisone injections, like epidural, trigger point, facet joint injections? ... (4 replies)
... Hello all, I am new to the boards and would appreciate it if some of the "experts" would chime in with some advice. I am 55 years old and was diagnosed with Osteopenia eight years ago. ... (8 replies)
... I would say you have mild osteopenia, but only you can decide what to do. If I were you I wouldn't take any bone meds, but would take all the supplements for bones, and exercise. ... (7 replies)
Jul 18, 2008
... Osteopenia means you have some bone loss which is normal as you age. We stop making bone around our mid to late 20's. Osteopenia is not a disorder, but a warning sign for you to do what you can to improve these numbers. ... (4 replies)
... I'm a 30 yr old male who has had osteopenia since about 21 and over the past while I haven't been on any medication for the problem as it looked stable and no one really said anything after having density scans every 3 years. ... (10 replies)
... Thanks for responding to my post, phyllis. Do you walk 4.2 mph with the poles? ... (10 replies)
Osteoporosis at 39
Sep 25, 2008
... I was a long distance runner in my late 20s and just after turning 30, I developed a stress fracture of my left femoral neck which ended up being a full fracture after a bad fall. I had hip surgery and insertion of 3 surgical pins, and ended up making a quick, full recovery. ... (6 replies)
... is normal. For example...this is the way I interpreted my results from this info... ... (3 replies)
... I will read the book and yes my minus 3.5 Tscore did scare me and the part on the tests that said "High Rise for Fracture .. ... (18 replies)
... to hear i helped you feel better. Everyone needs a cheerleader once in a while. Who knows, i may be feeling just like you did when i see my scores. I think the neck score is the femoral score since that its the narrow top part of the femur just under the ball part. ... (17 replies)
... Phylli thanks for the exercise tips. ... (10 replies)
... I havent been on here in awhile but I want to share some good news. Two years ago when I had my second BoneDensity test my endo said I had osteopenia and should go on meds. ... (5 replies)
Jun 30, 2008
... I have been going through surgical menopause for the last three years. I have TERRIBLE cracking in my joints, especially my knees, wrists, fingers, hips, even neck. ... (4 replies)
... elt as shocked at my baseline as you are now. And I'm shocked, so very scared and feel powerless at my latest dexa scores. One reason why Forteo is not an option for me is because of my disease and not having a good, very smart doctor to sort it all out. ... (22 replies)

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