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EZorb Calcium
Aug 20, 2008
... It sounds great for osteoporosis, but has anyone used it for bone spurs? Their website has great info in that area as well, but I would like to hear from a satisfied bone spur customer. (13 replies)
... Hi singingirl. I DO agree with you. Totally. My docs are always frowning and growling, and talking down to me. I couldn't agree more regarding RX drug manufacturers having TOTAL control (or at least, wanting to), over what we medicate ourselves with, and the docs marching right along in tune with them:mad: God forbid a patient might actually know his/her body and... (64 replies)
... :eek: I went to a supposedly esteemed Naturopath a year ago and as a result I'm taking a combination of calcium (citrate, carbonate & glucomate) with magnesium. I also take Vit D year round because of where I live. The amount of sunshine we get is worthless. I have heard you shouldn't take Ca with fiber. I've been gorging on blueberries for breakfast lately with my Ca and... (64 replies)

... ntly fell at work and went to a orthopedic doctor. He told me I have osteoporosis. Was diagnosed with ostepenia about 3 years ago. Was told to take 1200 mg of calcium with D a day. I thought all was well till now. ... (64 replies)
... Singingirl: I think the report said coffee promotes health, I think they meant the coffee bean was healthy, I don't know if they were referring to the caffeine. I was looking for organic instant coffee the other day in Trader's Joes but didn't find any. I was wondering if organic instant coffee is available anyplace. I bought broccolirabe today and made it with garlic,... (64 replies)
... Hi jacal...its good to know that fruits and veggies are good for your bones as well as the rest of you. We are big produce (our garden is doing well) eaters here so that an easy one to stick to. I never gotten into soy other than soynuts and my husband wouldn't go for it so its an easy thing not to do. I try to avoid processed foods, i guess its good that i like to cook and... (64 replies)
... Hi Phyllwyll and all, Remember me? We exchanged birthday greeting last year, both of us born in 1952 I was in southern Ca. for three months and off these boards for about five months, I had to catch up on my life in NY. Ca. was great, I loved all the sunshine (good for bones) and I lost ten pounds walking all the beaches! The low humidity in Ca. kept my injured knees... (64 replies)
... hi to everyone who has responded to my concerns. i guess i'm going to have to call my primary MD, as the results of the bone scan went to the OB/GYN, altho i think she probably was forwarded a copy. However, based on her track record i doubt that i would hear from her. I wonder how a person tests for vitamin D, what kind of test is it? i live where it is sunny all the time and... (64 replies)
... the supplement I take was designed specifically for osteoporosis available at health food stores ... in each pill there is calcium citrate 274mg,magnesium 135mg, silica 50mg, manganese 1mg, zinc 325ug, vit K 2ug, boron 700ug, I take 3 a day and I also take vit D3 1000iu once a day .. ... (64 replies)
... singingirl the only thing I am sure of when it comes to supplementing for bone health is adequate vit D levels ( as we age we dont absorb vit D well) and calcium is necessary but it must be balanced with magnesium, and other co nutrients like manganese , zinc , vit K , silica ,boron and exercise hope this helps Myth (64 replies)
... mg of calcium in my diet and so I supplement with about 500 mg of citracal per day and so far I feel comfortabl with that. That said, I don't have Osteoporosis yet either. ... (64 replies)
... Thinking of changing my calcium supplement...Now take GMC 50 plus bone formula.... ... (0 replies)
... I think about the only place you can purchase it is on their web site. I have not seen it anywhere else, but I am not in Canada and don't know for sure. (1 replies)
... Thanks for the response. Good to hear that your calcium level did not go up. I am still on the fence as to what to do. ... (6 replies)
... Zorb affect your blood calcium levels? ... (6 replies)
... Why did he want to increase your Lipitor with the great numbers you have now? Do you have heart disease? My LDL is 150 and and my HDL is 78, my Total is 256, but my ratio of TC to HDL is way under the guidelines. My TC used to be 300 and LDL was 191 before the supplements and diet change. Did you know the most optimal levels of TC are between 180 and 239? Most women over... (79 replies)
... WOW - that is a lot of info to absorb - thanks. From what I am reading calcium carbonate is not that bad (40% elemental calciun) but the CCM is better. I will have to check how mine breaks down in the vinegar. Am seeing my pcp this week and will get his opinion also - we go way back and he understands me and my "problems" - also have fibromyalgia and drug intolerances. ... (79 replies)
... My understanding is that Calcium Carbonate is the least desirable form to take and this is from alternative as well as allopathic sources. You might want to do some research on it. ... (79 replies)
... I take calcium carbonate with breakfast (cereal with milk) but did not know only 400 mg could be absorbed at a time. I also take extra strength tums in the evening - used to take 2 at a time now space the two out for better absorption.I was on Fosamax and had to stop after 6 months due to side effects. Just had my bone density (1 1/2 + yrs after stopping fosamax) and one hip... (79 replies)
... Sunny We can get the strontium citrate here. I'm going to try that along with my calcium vit D magnesium and ankle weights for exercise. Also I read that whey and prunes are useful! ... (79 replies)

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