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... I also have had great success with Ezorb for the past 3 years and I pretty much followed their dosing suggestions on the bottle; however, I think I prolonged the initial dose for about 3 months (maybe 6) but then went on maintenance. My dexa scans continued to show improvement. I am going to have another (dexa) in March. I think the lowest dosage you can take (of anything) and... (3 replies)
... hi jbrose the only study done for ezorb was in china ... ... (64 replies)
... and my doctor said I have osteopenia and should start Fosamax. I was taking calcium citrate and decided no way was I taking Fosamax. I researched Ezorb and started taking the maintenance dosage. ... (1 replies)

... with no other real options, my uncle gave EZORB a try. He took TEN pills each day for a 90 day period and sure enough, his pain from the spurs disappeared. I was amazed at that transpiring. ... (79 replies)
... thanks, Crohnie. Here's the response I got from Elixir about the concerns I wrote about. This is a really suspicious, non-medical type of response and makes me very very skeptical. I'm going to wait til Peregrine posts her numbers after taking it for a year and see if it reverses anything. If not, I'll probably just take a couple a day--since it only adds 300mgs of... (79 replies)
... I've been on EZorb for over a year now. My recent DEXA scan showed great success. ... (3 replies)
... Here's my story with Ezorb. In January 2006 I had a repeat bone scan that I had in 2004. Dr. says your number is going down. He only quoted one number which was -l.4 and previous was -1.2. He wanted me to take Fosamax which I refused. I then started Ezorb, only maintenace dose,since I only had osteopenia. In January 2008 I was tested with these numbers: spine -0.9 and... (3 replies)
... I thought the higher the number the more bone loss on the Dexa score, so I'm a bit confused. If this is correct than your left femur score has increased slightly indicating more, not less, bone loss. I may be incorrect on the information you are presenting. I hope so. That anything has decreased is certainly something to celebrate, though! That you are also doing weight... (17 replies)
... GYN recommended a long time ago for hot flashes, etc., which i really do not get. but since the diagnosis of osteop, i started taking the actual daily dosage of it which is 2 caps. i'm going to have to read more on that. ... (64 replies)
... I took calcium citrate but did not see a positive change in my Dexa scan at spine or hip, so I decided to switch to Ezorb after reading about it from the posters on this board. It's a soft capsule, I never actually opened one, but they are very easy to swallow. ... (79 replies)
... I see no point in taking it if you do not follow the recommended dosage for your weight and double dose the first 3 months. I think every product has a protocol that works for that product. ... (79 replies)
... Thank you so much for your reply! Now I feel more comfortable cutting down dosage. I'll go back up when my financial situation improves. Thanks again, Gloria (3 replies)
... density and that soy is good to take during menapause. I have friends who take it regularly and I just startd to again. Took it years ago regularly. Im on low dosage of synthroid and was not told to avoid soy. I will research this further.... ... (79 replies)
... Just make sure that you follow the protocol for osteo, which means upping the dosage for the recommended months. I went beyond that a few months but can't remember exactly how many. ... (11 replies)
May 16, 2006
... zorb in addition to other vitamins and minerals and my spine went from osteopenia back to normal bone density after taking the recommended dosage for five months. ... (8 replies)
... col of a product suggest. But one has also to do have our judgement. Like for example when I took accutane since I knew the drug was son dangerous I took a lower dosage than what the doctor prescribed to me and i had the same results minus less side effects. I believe in listening to your body more than anything. ... (79 replies)
... I started the first 3 months with the recommended dosage for my weight (under160 lbs) and condition (osteoporosis/osteopenia),which is 8 capsules a day split between morning and evening ( for half of that 3 month period I actually divided between AM, Noon and PM. After this period I went on the maintenance dose - 4 capsules twice a day AM and PM. Oops, sorry for this... (17 replies)
... Does the jar have a reference web site or contact that you could ask about the dosage? What store was selling it? Did the label say what type of calcium it was -carbonate, citrate? (17 replies)
... This isn't about strontium, which I still don't know enough about, but I do want to pass along some info re Ezorb and leg cramps. I have been taking Ezorb for over a year now, inspired by many of the positive reports on this message board. ... (44 replies)
... Cathy, My Dexa isn't until May. I'm chagrined that we couldn't work out the QCT rather than a Dexa, though. Also, keep in mind that my results may not be a true reflection because I cannot exercise, other than some walking, due to having Lyme Disease and CFS. Exercise intolerance is a big symptom of these diseases. If you can do any type of resistance training along with... (26 replies)

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