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Osteo and Ezorb
Nov 19, 2010
... I am new to this site and read your post on ezorb. I already posted on this but didn't know if you would run across it . I have taken ezorb with great results. I found out i had severe osteo. ... (6 replies)
Osteo and Ezorb
Nov 20, 2010
... (6 replies)
... ave suffered from fibromyalgia for the last 25 years. Finally, got a diagnosis last December and did some research. I did not want to start taking drugs. I found ezorb and was skeptical but decided to try it. I took it for 3 weeks and I felt I was no better. ... (64 replies)

... (64 replies)
... OK. I'm looking at the bottle of ezorb that I bought and now am not going to use. ... (64 replies)
... There is a lot more information and clinical research being done on Strontium Ranelate which is widely used in europe to treat osteo. ... (64 replies)
... We all do our research and hear opinions. Just be careful out there and run ideas by your doctor before jumping to conclusions. ... (3 replies)
... rejection drugs and the prednisone have done a number on her to say the least. But she did say that the more you read and research things, the more controversy you'll find about it. there will be some article somewhere that will tell you everything causes cancer and other diseases as well. ... (64 replies)
... You might want to do some research on soy and phytic acid, since you are drinking soy milk to get calcium. ... (9 replies)
... line book sellers and donate the money to osteoporosis research to help scientists come up with safer drugs. ... (64 replies)
... Hi You are very wise, and I'm glad you wouldn't let a sales person tell you about Forteo. You are also correct on the cancer stats, in Forteo. Good for you that you didn't listen, and that you do your own research!!:angel: (3 replies)
... Some research claims that calcium carbonate isn't good for you, it's the least absorbable, and it can migrate to other parts of the body other than the bone. ... (64 replies)
... hi to everyone who has responded to my concerns. i guess i'm going to have to call my primary MD, as the results of the bone scan went to the OB/GYN, altho i think she probably was forwarded a copy. However, based on her track record i doubt that i would hear from her. I wonder how a person tests for vitamin D, what kind of test is it? i live where it is sunny all the time and... (64 replies)
... Hi Myth - this has been a very interesting thread. A lot of stuff that has needed to be said. As far as vitamin D - Yes - I was tested and was deficient. My Doc put me on 50000IU's for 13 weeks to build up my supply. After the 13 weeks I retested and was at 78 (35-100). He felt that was much better and so now I am on a maintenance dose of 1000IU per day. Hopefully that is... (64 replies)
... Hey Canadian posters..... can you help me out... wondering if you can purchase E Zorb in Canada. The research on this organic product seems to be what I am looking for with 92 % absorption rate compared to about 5 - 25 % with other calcium products and also helps with joints synovial fluid. I would like it if we could purchase it here and if you had any suggestions??? (1 replies)
... Just the fact that soy is genetically modified in the U.S. and the fact that it's controversial is enough to keep me away from it. Research genetically modified foods and you will read that soy, cottonseed oil, and canola oil have the highest rates of modification. ... (79 replies)
... ave friends who take it regularly and I just startd to again. Took it years ago regularly. Im on low dosage of synthroid and was not told to avoid soy. I will research this further.... ... (79 replies)
... understanding is that Calcium Carbonate is the least desirable form to take and this is from alternative as well as allopathic sources. You might want to do some research on it. ... (79 replies)
... Your welcome, I'm glad I made you aware of phytic acid from my research, so you so can make an informed decision whether to eat/drink soy or not. I also read that soymilk contains 100 times more aluminum (which can cause bone loss), than cow's milk. Another problem with soy that I read about is it's been genetically modified in the U.S., so it's not the same soy as Japan... (9 replies)
... I am new here and came across your post about ezorb so i just had to join. I have taken ezorb for a few years with great results. I was told i have severe osteo. ... (12 replies)

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