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... capsules a day...each capsule has 560mg of ezorb calcium,... ... (64 replies)
... What does Ezorb have in it, is it just Calcium or are there other minerals? ... (64 replies)
... you know, all this reading about calcium supplements, the good, bad and ugly, i have no idea if i'm doing the right thing by starting the Ezorb. It's only been four days that i've been taking it, but i felt i had to start something. my doctor wanted me to come in for a consultation to "talk about it." i said - talk about what?? i'm not going on a pill." well, that didn't make... (64 replies)

... Singin Grl EZorb or Citrical D plus Genistein are probably the best out there. However, both are very expensive over time. (64 replies)
... hi gloria - thanks for that info on Ezorb. I actually just reordered another bottle of it for a diagnosis of osteoporosis several months ago. So, I am continuing to take it though I won't really know if it is doing much good until I can have another bone scan this coming summer. It's expensive, so that's what keeps me wondering if it's worth it. But hearing your account of it... (64 replies)
... fusals to be more homeopathic minded, etc. Now it's fiber and calcium, the other day it was soda and coffee, oh and don't take C with it either. even the MFRs of Ezorb are a bit mysterious with their information... i can't keep up with it! ... (64 replies)
... ffee, maybe one and a half cups in the morning, but i am waiting to take the vitamins until a bit later when i eat something, and i definitely stopped taking the Ezorb on an empty stomach, now taking it with food as well. p.s. ... (64 replies)
... Heya Singingirl! Don't feel bad about walking vs running (in or out of the sun). It sounds like you are doing just fine! To help you keep things in perspective: what if you couldn't walk (much) or run, and couldn't tolerate heat. 'Tis moi! All I can do is take eZorb and Citracal+D and keep on keeping on. Don't sweat the details. ;) (64 replies)
... hi - i am amazed!!! soy promotes osteop? OMG, it's like they say "everything causes cancer." i have been taking soy isoflavones that my OB/GYN recommended a long time ago for hot flashes, etc., which i really do not get. but since the diagnosis of osteop, i started taking the actual daily dosage of it which is 2 caps. i'm going to have to read more on that. actually, i don't... (64 replies)
... hi all - wow, women after my own heart... i love hummus, buy it all the time, little did i know it's good for me. in what way, i wonder?? also, am going to make that kale recipe today if the stuff hasn't gone bad in the refrig since i bought it last week... my sister had also told me of a similar recipe using kale, but she uses tofu with soy sauce, water chestnuts. i use tofu... (64 replies)
... I'm not in any way pushing or sounding warning bells about eZorb. It does sound too good to be true, but at least it sounds good (vs. the prescriptions). ;) Keep on trucking, ladies! Osteo Challenged (64 replies)
... hi phylllis - thanks for taking the time to write. you're not the only one who has said to just relax about it. i spoke with a girlfriend last night who nine years ago had a double lung transplant. they give those patients maybe three years. she is still living but not without complications. the anti-rejection drugs and the prednisone have done a number on her to say the... (64 replies)
... myth - do you know what the appropriate amounts of those supplements are per day? the multi-vitamin that i take GNC Women's Ultra Mega has zinc 15 mg, boron 2 mg, manganese 2 mg and silica 4 mg. it's a fairly complete vitamin, if i can remember to take the second tablet during the day, then i get the entire dose. i think with the Ezorb, i was so frantic to try and find... (64 replies)
... ezorb does not make it easy for users to figure out what doses to take as the bottle has one set of instructions which they tell you to disregard and supply a seperate sheet to follow instructions on bottle of powder :- calcium aspartate anhydrous 2g calcium (elemental) 260mg (26%) suggested use 1-3 servings per day a... (64 replies)
... ell since jrose says that the elemental calcium is 146 mgs I feel a little better, but not by much. You would have to calculate your dietary intake and then add ezorb by ? ... (64 replies)
... There is a lot more information and clinical research being done on Strontium Ranelate which is widely used in europe to treat osteo. Strontium Ranelate isn't FDA approved as a treatment here in the United States but you can buy Strontium Citrate at health food stores. It is strongly believed that Strontium is the active component and the the Ranelate or Citrate is simply... (64 replies)
... i have to jump in here on this conversation because what i'm reading is really concerning me. i got my first bottle of ezorb last saturday, so today i will be taking it seven days. of course, they say to start with a loading dose, so i am taking four teaspoons of the powder each day. ... (64 replies)
... Another quote related to Ezorb: "Bear in mind that should a new and better form of calcium come along that has made it past rigorous scientific scrutiny, you'll read about it and hear about it from the mainstream media. When checking out new products that sound too good to be true, look for some independent documentation. Are scientific studies cited by name on the Web... (64 replies)
... I also tried ezorb a few months back when I was diagnosed with osteopenia at the recommended dose. After 3 days, I too noticed my hips and the front of my shin bones aching. ... (64 replies)
... hi indosonu hope this thread has helped ,please read my new post on excessive calcium consumption its an eye opener canna it is most important to listen to your body,fortunately mine seems to be a barometer singingirl it is true there is a lot of treatments for osteoporosis and we are all confused & looking for something that will really help I have no experience with... (64 replies)

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