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... hi peppur and all, I went to an osteoporosis seminar in a well-known osteo medical facility and the speaker said it is all right to take calcium with fruits and veggies even though they contain fiber. She said only added fiber to foods would block absorption. She also said that calcium and magnesium shouldn't be taken together but if you are taking a supplement containing... (64 replies)
... what everyone just said here was so interesting to read. i actually feel the same about having had the bone scan, i wish i had never had it done. now i too have this diagnosis on my medical record. i was told that in the future if i was interested in long term care insurance it could be more difficult or more expensive with this diagnosis on my record. i did learn though that... (64 replies)
... the pharmaceutical companies & doctors (their puppets) foster a sickness industry with the questionable DEXA machine which cannot measure quality of bone ..(thin bones arent necessarily porous bones ) but according to them it is they sell us drugs & supplements as insurance against fractures & have themselves lifelong patients ( great for their bank accounts ) ;) now... (64 replies)

... Hi singingirl. I DO agree with you. Totally. My docs are always frowning and growling, and talking down to me. I couldn't agree more regarding RX drug manufacturers having TOTAL control (or at least, wanting to), over what we medicate ourselves with, and the docs marching right along in tune with them:mad: God forbid a patient might actually know his/her body and... (64 replies)
... :eek: I went to a supposedly esteemed Naturopath a year ago and as a result I'm taking a combination of calcium (citrate, carbonate & glucomate) with magnesium. I also take Vit D year round because of where I live. The amount of sunshine we get is worthless. I have heard you shouldn't take Ca with fiber. I've been gorging on blueberries for breakfast lately with my Ca and... (64 replies)
... My neighbor told me that there was an article in the paper today regarding grapefruit causing estrogen receptor breast cancer (just like soy) and advising post-menopausal women not to eat it. I figured this wasn't off topic because we were discussing that fruits and veggies are good for bone health. I guess we are lucky in that if we had really good bones from lots of... (64 replies)
... I know how you feel. I recently fell at work and went to a orthopedic doctor. He told me I have osteoporosis. Was diagnosed with ostepenia about 3 years ago. Was told to take 1200 mg of calcium with D a day. I thought all was well till now. I also take an antiseizure drug gabapentin and asmanex, anotherr bad thing to take related to the bones. I have asthma also. I... (64 replies)
... Singingirl: I think the report said coffee promotes health, I think they meant the coffee bean was healthy, I don't know if they were referring to the caffeine. I was looking for organic instant coffee the other day in Trader's Joes but didn't find any. I was wondering if organic instant coffee is available anyplace. I bought broccolirabe today and made it with garlic,... (64 replies)
... Hi singingirl..i posted the recipe under the new thread "osteo friendly recipes". Let me know how you like it after you make it. take care..phyllis (64 replies)
... Hi Phyllis, I'm glad you eat healthy and cook your own meals. I have tomatoes and basil growing in the garden. A few days ago I was watching a program on organic farming, and people have formed co-ops and pay a fee to get organic food delivered to them. Some people are also growing their own crops on land farmers set aside for them, and they claim buying the food in a... (64 replies)
... maybe you ladies could start a new thread on diet/ recipies for osteoporosis Im sure others would be interested :) (64 replies)
... Hi jacal...its good to know that fruits and veggies are good for your bones as well as the rest of you. We are big produce (our garden is doing well) eaters here so that an easy one to stick to. I never gotten into soy other than soynuts and my husband wouldn't go for it so its an easy thing not to do. I try to avoid processed foods, i guess its good that i like to cook and... (64 replies)
... Singingirl, You are doing everything right by educating yourself. I must tell you that I heard a few days ago on the news that taking vitamins with your morning coffee is not recommended because caffeine blocks absorption. You can type in soy in the search box below the Health Boards title and several posts will come up regarding the dangers of soy and why soy can... (64 replies)
... Hi Phyllis, Singing Girl and All, I was in the ER all day yesterday with Mom, she's ok, but I'm so tired today. Best gym equip. exercises: Lat pull down, hip adduction/abduction, row machine, leg press, (I think I remembered all of them). I take all supplements with food, But I avoid taking calcium with any food that blocks absorption, like oat bran. I don't like to... (64 replies)
... Hi jacal...glad to see your back on the board. I'm curious..which machines did you learn were the best for building bone? Lifting weights is so good cause its the pull of the muscle against the bone during lifting that makes it stronger. I like lifting, it makes me feel strong both physically and mentally. i hadn't heard that about clacium carbonate. I figured its was a... (64 replies)
... Hi Phyllwyll and all, Remember me? We exchanged birthday greeting last year, both of us born in 1952 I was in southern Ca. for three months and off these boards for about five months, I had to catch up on my life in NY. Ca. was great, I loved all the sunshine (good for bones) and I lost ten pounds walking all the beaches! The low humidity in Ca. kept my injured knees... (64 replies)
... Hi singingirl, this has turned into a very interesting and informative thread. I really can't add to all the good advice given, but did want to tell you one very important thing. YOU are still the same person you were before you were dx with osteo. YOU can still do all things you enjoyed doing before. Bone density test can measure the density of your bones, but not the... (64 replies)
... hi to everyone who has responded to my concerns. i guess i'm going to have to call my primary MD, as the results of the bone scan went to the OB/GYN, altho i think she probably was forwarded a copy. However, based on her track record i doubt that i would hear from her. I wonder how a person tests for vitamin D, what kind of test is it? i live where it is sunny all the time and... (64 replies)
... Hi Myth - this has been a very interesting thread. A lot of stuff that has needed to be said. As far as vitamin D - Yes - I was tested and was deficient. My Doc put me on 50000IU's for 13 weeks to build up my supply. After the 13 weeks I retested and was at 78 (35-100). He felt that was much better and so now I am on a maintenance dose of 1000IU per day. Hopefully that is... (64 replies)
... Hi singingirl: The bottle should tell you the RDA on each of the minerals you mentioned. Look at the manganese, and it will tell you what percentage of the RDA (recommended daily allowance) is provided in the serving size of that multiple. :) (64 replies)

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