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... much damage has been done. Please work to add a cautionary statement to the bulletin insert that tells of this severe side effect. I will call the producers of Fasomax tomorrow to ask if anyone has died from taking their product. My wife nearly did. ... (9 replies)
... I started last week with Fasomax. The next day I felt like a lead ball was in my stomach. That feeling lasted most of the day. Well, this week I took the Fasomax on Wed..... Thurs. was doubled over with stomach pain.. ... (9 replies)
... one person's experience, I take Actonel which has , in two years, improved my osteoporosis significantly and I have no side affects from it. My mother does take Fasomax and has no side affects from it. My upstairs neighbor took one Fasomax tablet and was very, very sick from it, she couldn't take it. ... (3 replies)

... I took myself off fasomax after having side efects and doctors wont tell ya anything its not the fasomax... they are conducting an experiment and we are the rats.. ... (4 replies)
Feb 8, 2005
... that I don't have to take it very long just because I hate taking medication. When my gynecologist prescribed Actonel, he said he wanted me to take it instead of Fasomax because of Fasomax's side effects...but they're virtually the same drug, right ? ... (37 replies)
... Why does Fasomax reverse bone loss and is calcium in it ? ... (3 replies)
... Hi. My mother also has Diverticulitis as well as osteoporosis and has been taking Fasomax for years with no problem (also Calcium and Vitamin D). I took Actonel for 7 years ( I am 51 now) and take Calcium and vitamin D continually. I take a very quick absorbing form of calcium (w/magnesium of course) -Calcium Citrate, an organic form of it-from natural food store. I... (5 replies)
... hello Swiss u need to watch abc world news with Diane Sawyer they did a show about just this ...the news talked about how women have broken their thigh bone .1 women broke her just walking up the stairs another playing jump rope ect all complained about feelin alot of pain first ..please google the show and watch it please it will help answer... (5 replies)
... I also had terrible pains in my arms after starting on fosamax and then terrible heartburn which kept me up at night. I took it for about a year before I could not stand it anymore. The dr. then put me on actonel which was worse. I then tried boniva and after 3 months stopped that also. after a few months I had to have a colonoscopy and endoscope to find out that i had... (5 replies)
... Hi there. I got the same problem from Actonal. It was weird. After a week or so I started getting aches and pains. I have managed to break my spine, 5 compressed fractures. I started to take Didrical, but now I'm supposed to start generic fosamax. There is bad things I hear about it. I hurt myself again on top of the fractures I already got. I live alone and managed to... (5 replies)
... Hi: I've never taken Fosamax, but here's the FDA warning on the joint/muscle pain. Good luck... (5 replies)
... I took one dose of Fosamax and had horrible stomach pains, not pain in legs, knees or joints. (5 replies)
... I have taken two doses of fosomax and have developed excrutiating pain in the top of my legs and knees. It feels like bone/muscle pain. Has anyone else experienced this? (5 replies)
... I started getting Epilepsy attacks for the first time in life at the age of 42. I got the huge grand mal attacks, but thanks heavans I got mine only when I was asleep. I'm 63 now and had never even have 1 attack whilst I was up and awake. I am on medication now 3x100mg Epanutin Capsules and 1x50g Epanutin tablet. My medication was increased a lot of these years and... (2 replies)
Nov 4, 2007
... Slightly for me but the worst was the cramps in my toes. (1 replies)
Nov 4, 2007
... when taking this medication does one get cramps on your lower back legs like a tight charlie horse! (1 replies)
... I took Actonal for 3 months which is almost like Fosomax. I tolerated the headaches, bone pain, and aches until the last time I took it. I developed chills, severe back pain and a sharp stomach pain. I was curled up on the couch all night long and finally went to ER. (of course a weekend) 9 hours later and alot of tests everything came back ok. I will never take that... (9 replies)
... There is a site called ''askapatient''. Here people list all their various side effects from medications. Just type in the name of the med, and go from there.:jester: (9 replies)
... My mum has been hospitalised 3 times in 16 weeks since starting Fosamax. She has suffered with chronic constipation, back pain and seizures. She is Epileptic, but the recent seizures are not typical of her normal seizure. She is undergoing tests for bowel blockage, heart problems, deterioration in epilepsy state, when I believe Fosamax is responsible. Anyone taking... (9 replies)
... Revlou-I am sorry to hear about your wife. I hope that she feels better soon. Do the doctors think that her problems were brought on by the Fosamax? Please let us know how your wife is doing. Best wishes to you both! (9 replies)

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