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... I've now been taking Forteo for 11 months. ... (24 replies)
After Forteo
Sep 8, 2006
... I plan to try alternative methods to retain BMD after Forteo, but if the alternative methods do not work, and if BMD starts declining after I have been off Forteo for 6 months or a year, I will probably reluctantly begin bisphosphonates. ... (26 replies)
Mar 17, 2005
... at least stop any more deterioration with supplements or other meds. It doesn't sound like you would be a candidate for Actonel or Fosamax at all.........since Forteo upset your stomach so bad. I hope you can find an alternative AND an answer to why your had problems when you started Forteo. ... (121 replies)

... Several months back, I had posted that at one year I may stop forteo and start a bisphos. ... (21 replies)
... :bouncing: I know, I know! :wave: I haven't even started the Forteo yet but my Endocrinoligist has laid out a plan of 2 years of Forteo and then IV infusions of pamidronate (Aredia) every 3-4 months thereafter. Pamidronate is a bisphosphonate like Actonel and Fosamax but because it is infused rather than an oral medication we are bypassing the digestive tract and avoiding... (28 replies)
... I prefer to get my calcium from food. Every other day I eat a 15 oz. can of sardines or jack mackerel, high in calcium, divided into 4 portions eaten 2 hours apart. My last lab test indicated my calcium levels were a little low, so I recently started also taking a 333 mg. calcium citrate supplement. But my calcium intake was the same during 2005, when my BMD was declining... (24 replies)
After Forteo
May 21, 2009
... that is what my endocrinologist wanted to do, but I declined and did not take bisphosphonates during the past year. Instead, I tried using alternative methods, including daily use of a Juvent vibrating platform, increased unipedal standing, diet modification, increased vitamin D, additional exercise, etc. ... (3 replies)
... Thank you for your reply. I will be seeing the endocrinologist next week and I will keep you posted. Nancy N. (18 replies)
... I saw my alternative MD yesterday, and he's treating me for the severe osteoporosis that I have. ... (18 replies)
Forteo injection
Sep 5, 2008
... My doctor recommended Forteo but after reading about the dizziness and the history of cancer in rats I am a bit scared. I have Parkinson's and cannot afford to become more unsteady. ... (8 replies)
... What I have read is that generally the hypercalcemia with forteo can be dealt with by decreasing calcium supplements , decreasing vit d supplements, and perhaps decreasing dosage a bit. ... (21 replies)
... Hi DesertBloom. Has your doctor said anything about taking hormones with the forteo? I'm asking because I go to an alternative doc who is recommending low dose bioidentical HRT (including testosterone). He knows about the FORTEO, but is not an expert. (15 replies)
... I have been on Forteo for 5 months and will be having a repeat DEXA scan soon. ... (28 replies)
Aug 25, 2004
... I'm starting on my 6th month of Forteo injections. I inject my thigh ..... ... (121 replies)
... date your forteo use? ... (31 replies)
After Forteo
Sep 8, 2006
... hat do I take next. I'm on my last pen and the only recommendation I have so far from my doctor is to use Boniva indefinitely. I would really like to stay on the Forteo just one more year to see if my T scores could improve more and maybe by then there would be another alternative. ... (26 replies)
... I've been on Forteo for a year now and my bone density has increased. I do worry some about the black box warning but the alternative of fractures and even lower bone density worry me also. ... (3 replies)
... I guess if it is and your doc wants you to do fosamax , then it is not a viable alternative to the bisphosphonates. ... (4 replies)
... aside from the Forteo he only recommended calcium, D, and exercise. But when he saw DEXA improvement he told me to "Keep doing what you are doing. ... (24 replies)
After Forteo
Sep 21, 2006
... Good luck with your appt. I hope the doc has a good alternative to forteo, or lets you stay on it. ... (26 replies)

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