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... rays. I saw them for myself. My dentist said that he needed to get a plan together. ... (11 replies)
... Sorry to hear about this and hope you find a solution to it. Is the dentist planning anything in particular to help you with this, and has he mentioned stopping the Forteo? ... (11 replies)
... yr end of taking Forteo injections. ... (11 replies)

... I'm taking forteo and I don't believe it was the cause of my weight gain. ... (73 replies)
... I'm sorry to hear this. I recently finished 2 years on Forteo and all of the dental check ups with my dentist he reported that my teeth had improved and I had very little decay. ... (11 replies)
... I took forteo in 2004 and 2005. During the time I was taking it I fell a lot and actually suffered two broken bones. ... (18 replies)
... As I had expected, my doctor was still talking about trying to continue the Forteo a few more months, but I told him absolutely not. His next choice was Boniva, and I didn't want that either because of the jaw necrosis issue. ... (32 replies)
... Good luck with your new treatment, and I'm glad the lower dose fosomax is okay, see your dentist first just to make sure everything is okay. I think my dentist is just covering his 'you know what' since he's declined pulling my infected tooth due to the Actonel use. ... (21 replies)
... Thank you all so much for your responses!! Yes, I did have some bone loss before ever starting the Forteo, and that, I am most sure is heredity. I had tried the Fosamax several years ago and was unable to take it (thank goodness), as I've heard it does terrible things to your teeth bones. I have always prided myself and worked very hard to keep my teeth looking really good.... (11 replies)
... vides me with some alternatives that will maintain all the good results that the last 2 years have built up. I haven't heard anything about tooth decay with the forteo and my dentist hasn't said anything about my teeth. ... (11 replies)
... I too, have dental problems. Especially after this morning's visit to my dentist. I have what I call a 3 tooth bonded together "thing". Just the roots, Dentist formed "teeth" and bonded them together. I have a 2 tooth partial that I can't wear due to being allergic to the materials. ... (7 replies)
... was so well versed on the subject. I also found out since starting this post tonight that the insurance company denied the Forteo again, even with my doctor who does clinical trials of osteoporosis meds appealing and providing supporting documentation of the necessity. ... (7 replies)
... bisphosphates. I read the New England Journal of Medicine article that came out this year on Reclast. I have discussed the possibility of jaw necrosis with my dentist and my doc. For me the risk here is very minimal. ... (17 replies)
... fter I finished forteo. I had had only one cavity my entire life. My cardiologist confirmed the loss of calcium due to use of parathyroid hormone which is what forteo is. ... (18 replies)
... I have about two more months to finish up my two years on Forteo. This year, I had some dental work done to try to graft in some cells where I was losing bone around one tooth. I had been warned by my dentist years ago that my x-rays showed a problem in this area. It's apparently an anomaly because the rest of my mouth is OK with no radical bone loss. Because this showed... (11 replies)
... My doc talked about a second round of forteo but he said I would have to wait. I just finished a year ago. He not against a second round he just thinks that you have to wait several years. ... (7 replies)
... hi taape, why doctors continue to prescribe bisphosphonates especially fosamax is beyond me ,since it has been shown to not only cause necrosis of the jaw but also in the hips & spine after long term use I think the consequences of long term bisphosphonate use is being deliberately hushed up along with other medications and the only safe treatments are natural ones the... (7 replies)
... I am having two implants placed in June. The very first thing the surgical dentist asked me was "Are you presently taking any biophosphates? ... (7 replies)
... t the tooth rot out which of course can cause all kinds of complications and serious health problems plus major pain issues. Well, one more arguement in favor of Forteo for my insurance appeal. ... (7 replies)
... It seems like when I need the dentist I do and I couldn't wait for that medication to go out of my system or whatever. Were you able to heal from this? ... (13 replies)

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