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... The forteo regimen is difficult,we put alot of hope into the project and also alot of effort with exercise. I have only been on the forteo now for about 8 months. I have noticed ,however, a transition in my thinking. ... (6 replies)
... I took fosamax 7 weeks, then 7 weeks off , then forteo. I can't imagine waiting 7 weeks would make any difference though, as the half life of fosamax is over 10 years. ... (14 replies)
... I waited about three weeks after finishing the Forteo before starting back on Actonel because I wanted to find out the results of my Dexa before deciding what to do. ... (17 replies)

... to see what I could find out. I was fortunate to not have any adverse effects from Actonel. Does anyone know if the Forteo will have ANY positive effects after having been on Actonel? ... (14 replies)
... I finished Forteo last March and pretty quickly went on Actonel, my doctor did not want me to wait. He wanted to lock in the gains. ... (21 replies)
After Forteo
Sep 8, 2006
... I plan to try alternative methods to retain BMD after Forteo, but if the alternative methods do not work, and if BMD starts declining after I have been off Forteo for 6 months or a year, I will probably reluctantly begin bisphosphonates. ... (26 replies)
... we need to continue with something after the Forteo. I certainly don't want to lose any gains I may have made or think about all that money that went toward the Forteo being wasted. Fortunately, my insurance paid for most of it, but it is very expensive, and I don't know how anyone could afford it without insurance. ... (32 replies)
... I don't know, 'burpy' like it wanted to have indigestion but didn't. It isn't a real problem, just curious if you had anything similar since you went on and off Forteo to actonel. ... (7 replies)
... come from Forteo followed by bisphosphonates. But if you go that route, perhaps you could ask for something else besides Fosamax, since it has such a long half life. ... (6 replies)
... Hi osteo... Based on a 12 month study, conducted at the Univ of Cinncinati Bone Health and Osteoporosis Center, actonel users had 43% fewer hip & 18%fewer non-spine fractures than those taking fosamax. Based on these findings they believe that actonel works faster than fosamax for preventing fractures. You might be able to find out if there are any other differences between... (9 replies)
... s denial and avoidance, and those approaches seem to cause much more trouble . Sometimes it just takes a bit to summon up the courage. But living the courageous life is to be truly alive. Mark Twain sure was an interesting person! ... (21 replies)
... What a sweet response Astonish...I am currently gearing up my meditation and am looking forward and not back. I hope your mum does well on the Forteo and please keep me posted. In the meantime, I'm planning on going a more natural route for now. ... (2 replies)
... I haven't had any bone pain or other side effects. According to the instructions the Forteo takes 30 minutes to be absorbed and 4 hours to go out of your system. ... (3 replies)
After Forteo
May 22, 2009
... Thanks. Supposedly, the side effects from I/V Boniva usually occur in the first day or two, and so far I've noticed nothing at all. (I did drink lots of water before going in for the I/V.) In considering bisphosphonates, I definitely wanted an I/V. I had acid reflux for a number of years, and I didn't want to take a chance on it coming back or having any of the other... (3 replies)
... Misty800, There are many causes for osteoporosis and most people don't even know they have it. I didn't tell my friends when I first found out my diagnosis but then I told one friend who is about my age. About 6 months later she was tested and also had severe osteoporosis. She thinks from decreasing hormones(menopause) and lack of exercise. Anyways, she decided (mostly due to... (5 replies)
... you think that will return. The half life on actonel is a lot shorter than fosomax, so if you have to choose one of the BP's I think actonel is probably a better choice, but that's just my opinion. ... (7 replies)
... ThinBones - You said that after 2 years of Fosamax you had joint pain. Can you tell me how long that pain lasted after you went off Fosamax? I took Fosamax for 2 1/2 years and have been off it since October - but my joints are still very painful. I feel doubled over like an old woman sometimes. (I'm 54) How long is this half-life? How long did it last in your case? ... (10 replies)
... short time during the early stage of treatment, but some people can't take it due to the side effects, but of course there are some who have no trouble with it. Forteo has a half life of 4 hrs where the bisphos's are in your system for 10 years or more. ... (2 replies)
Pardon My Brag
Jun 29, 2007
... I did do the full 2 years on Forteo. My doctor told me that I could continue with Forteo for another course of treatment. I'm not sure whether that meant 2 more years. ... (30 replies)
... Half life is the amount of time it stays in your body, with forteo is very short, and your parathyroids continue to make it anyway since it is a hormone, which we really need. ... (13 replies)

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