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... the IV pamidronate and had that first infusion at Mayo. However, when I got back home and finally saw an Endo here, she said not to start Forteo or a bisphosphonate until my PTH was below 30 and my vitamin D higher. ... (13 replies)
... I am done with Forteo in 3 months, and am thinking about what next. Is Boniva the only choice for the infusion, or are there others? ... (32 replies)
... the pamidronate infusion was the mild tingling at the lips and wrist I mentioned which stopped when they slowed the drip to a 4 hour rate instead of a 2 hour drip rate. ... (10 replies)

... and, I think another is zolendronate or something similar in spelling. I had one pamidronate infusion before I started the Forteo and I plan on going back to the pamidronate infusion when my 2 years on Forteo are up. ... (10 replies)
... pplement as it constipates me badly, even at just 500 IU a day. All of the clinical trials testing the efficacy of the various osteoporosis drugs from Fosamax to Forteo have involved also taking calcium and vitamin D during the trial as well as the trial drug or placebo. ... (12 replies)
... second infusion hits your blood stream too quick and might cause problems or bad side effects? ... (13 replies)
... I recently finished two years of Forteo. Didn't realize till afterward that the gains you make swiftly recede unless you follow up with another med - so, really, you need to be on something for the duration. Forteo improved my spine from osteoporosis to osteopenia, which was very encouraging. Less improvement in the hip, but it's a different kind of bone, and that is not... (9 replies)
Forteo injection
Sep 5, 2008
... My doctor recommended Forteo but after reading about the dizziness and the history of cancer in rats I am a bit scared. I have Parkinson's and cannot afford to become more unsteady. ... (8 replies)
... Your email has helped confirm what that voice in my head has been saying. I have no problem using the Forteo even with the daily injections but the Reclast, etc. I just have had a bad feeling about those types. Thanks again, Carol for your advice. ... (3 replies)
... Given your history with the oral bisphosphonates, I would be very reluctant to try the infusion versions. Your instincts are probably right. ... (3 replies)
... Thanks. It is a real problem what to do next after Forteo since usually the persons bone density is really bad or they wouldn't be on Forteo in the first place. So, the bone density wouldn't get back to normal with only 2 years of treatment and is most likely an going medical issue. ... (5 replies)
... vides me with some alternatives that will maintain all the good results that the last 2 years have built up. I haven't heard anything about tooth decay with the forteo and my dentist hasn't said anything about my teeth. ... (11 replies)
After Forteo
Oct 10, 2006
... P.S. I just wanted to add, that I believed that Forteo could only be used for 2 yrs. ... (26 replies)
... f the lips and wrists. The drip was slowed from a 2 hour drip to a 4 hour drip and no more tingling. That's it. I'll go back on IV pamidronate when my 2 years of Forteo is up. I have Crohn's disease so there is no way I would even TRY an oral bisphosphonate. The pamidronate caused no digestive problems at all. ... (25 replies)
... I have tried taking oral Boniva and Fosomax but the joint pain I developed was so severe it was debilitating. My oncologist and internist have suggested the infusion type as in Reclast, Forteo, and whatever the others are. I am very worried I will suffer from this extreme pain again from these classification of drugs. ... (3 replies)
... My doc was clear that once I was off Forteo I would lose the bone if I did nothing and from what I've seen in the literature this is the case. ... (17 replies)
After Forteo
Dec 13, 2006
... Did you take Forteo for the full 2 years? ... (5 replies)
... Hello to you CrohnieToo..this is judynearottawa and I also have heard of the drug that is infused, and in ottawa here, it is on our medical system so very affordable , for me Forteo is still about a thousand dollars a month so I am going to get the infusible treatement I think, or win the lottery to afford Forteo in Canada which is still so expensive (they call it experimental... (12 replies)
... Yes, My Mom isnt going to be able to continue the Forteo. The injection was easy for her, but the side effects were so bad. The uncomfortable bone pain, upset-stomach and rapid heart rate and fatique. She only weights 94 and had lost 2.5 pounds in just 10 days since her last doctor visit. The Doctor asked her why and she said she just couldnt eat, her stomach as so upset,... (12 replies)
... like symptoms. However, I was at Mayo Clinic in MN for several days and there are people there from all over the world. I had the infusion at Mayo. What I experienced were CHILLS, the queasies, not quite nausea, and some intermittent, traveling aches. They lasted about 8 hours or so. ... (13 replies)

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