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... Hmmm....interesting, and good information! I was worried about the temperature of my pen recently during my trip from Mi. to Az. ... (9 replies)
... he next time time sent me a package with all the literature, CD, packs , etc. Someone had also mentioned to me about the small grey hard case that holds the pen in the refrig and also a place for three needles. I called them and they sent that two also. They do try to be very accomodating, I think.. ... (2 replies)
... That case should be used for keeping the pen in the refrigerator, and also for traveling. ... (12 replies)

Forteo Day Two
Nov 3, 2005
... I'm glad you got started on the Forteo without any problems. I was also leary of needles but learned real quickly. That's service when you have the medical professionals come out to your home. ... (3 replies)
... Also, they demonstrate wiping the end of the pen before each aplication of the needle...then swabbing the area on your body where you intend to give the shot. ... (15 replies)
... n another site. I am a relative newbie to but some KS's told me about the Eli Lily insulated black bag for traveling and the hard grey case you can keep your pen in the refrig which also holds spaces for 3 needles. ... (17 replies)
... Are you suppposed to also keep the pen in it when you put it in your traveling case. It doesn't seem like there is that much room, but maybe there is. ... (12 replies)
... Today I got my first pen shipped to my door via FEDex since my insurance required this. ... (1 replies)
Jun 23, 2013
... n with Fosamax, and all the Osteo A drugs, Arthritist doc threw up his hands and deemed me UNTREATABLE! I have bad osteo arthritis in my hands bad, so using this pen would be a big pain in the butt to use and load. ... (8 replies)
... Yesterday I saw the Endo Doc for the first time, and he started me on daily injections of Forteo while in his office. I took my second injection this morning and a short while later I got dizzy and felt nauseous. I had to lie down and rest for a while. ... (9 replies)
... Thanks, GranniLuv, for that tip about the small grey hard case that holds the pen in the frige and also a place for three needles. I hadn't known about that either. I'll just have to make another phone call, I guess. ... (2 replies)
... Turns out, I "ain't" so smart after all. I thought I checked those needles good. Uh uh. ... (80 replies)
... "I think I can. I think I can. I think I can..." ...The Little Chronie That Could!!!! :bouncing: I don't blame you for forgetting all of the questions you had for the nurse. When I saw the N/P for my instructions in the use of the pen, I was so overwhelmed by needles, clockwise, counterclockwise, diamonds, arrows, numbers 1 and 2 that I couldn't have remembered my... (80 replies)
May 5, 2005
... Let us know what you find out. I still wonder if the airlines would let a passenger put the Forteo in their refrigerators. The needles I put in checked baggage then probably no one will notice it. That's what I plan to do when I take a vacation. ... (121 replies)
... you can cause the entire medication in the pen to be contaminated if you reuse the needle whether you leave it attached or take it off and put it back on again. ... (37 replies)
... ad of time and ask.I don't fly very often either but where I'm going on vacation I am looking into having my prescription filled there and then just throwing the pen away when I come home so all I need to bring are the needles. It's kind of expensive unless your staying at least a couple of weeks. ... (35 replies)
... No, I had this intermittently with the old pen. But this time I have really stubby needles, I'm getting longer ones sent to me. (5 replies)
... Put the needles in your checked baggage. I used a styrofoam ice chest that the pharmacy sent me the pens in. The ice stays frozen for 24 hrs. ... (8 replies)
... OR the hard gray case for the pen and 3 needles that I put in the refrig. that some of you may have gotten from Lilly also.? ... (17 replies)
... for all my needles and the pen. ... (19 replies)

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