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... increase the bone mass by "filling in" these "holes". The bisphosphonates slow the natural dying of bone cells, whilst Forteo and Preos increase the natural bone growth that has slowed down with age. ... (21 replies)
... I just wanted to wade in about Forteo and the cancer risk. ... (24 replies)
... ll try to answer your questions the best I can. In the Forteo v Fosamax Trial for Back Pain Study, they reported a significant reduction in back pain in the Forteo group and no reduction of pain in the Fosamax group. ... (17 replies)

... e to rely on the NTx. Evista isn't the best drug for keeping resorption low, but I didn't want to take the bp's. When I asked my Dr about Strontium Citrate and Forteo she said absolutely not, but that's her opinion. ... (4 replies)
... Sorry to hear about your fx's and den disc. I've been on Forteo for almost 21 mos and haven't had any side effects or anything similar to what you've mentioned. ... (5 replies)
... and the usual recomendation is to reduce oral calcium intake or the Forteo depending on how high your calcium is. ... (1 replies)
... I just finished reading an excerpt from John Hopkins about another Forteo v Fosamax for back pain. You can probably find it by going to their website. ... (17 replies)
... now for about 4 months, and at 6 months, I will go for another DEXA scan to see if there is any progress, and additionally take more blood tests to make sure the Forteo isn't causing other problems. ... (17 replies)
... t were given doses of 3 to 60 times what a human receives. We never can tell on any drug what the consequences may be in the long run. I just felt that taking Forteo was the best route for me. So far, after 9 months, I have had no more fractures. I still have pain from my first fractured foot and my hip. ... (11 replies)
... Does anyone know if you can take both Strontium and Forteo at the same time without problems? ... (4 replies)
... there hasn't been any testing on the combo of Forteo and SC, and I wouldn't recommend it either. ... (2 replies)
... when the Forteo is over. ... (24 replies)
... I didn't have "any" noticeable side effects. I can't find the info you mentioned about Forteo lowering PTH, so I'm not quite sure what to say about that. Do you notice any particular symptoms between the 6th to 10th hour post dose? ... (21 replies)
... If you dr wants you to go on it they must have a good reason. Remember that Forteo is man made parathyroid hormone, the same hormone our body makes daily to prevent bone loss and regulate calcium and phosphate absorption. ... (5 replies)
... ith Forteo. I think I am one of the few here to have had headache, dizziness, severe loss of appetite from forteo. I had these problems bad when I took the forteo in the afternoon.I couldn't force myself to eat much for dinner, maybe something bland like oatmeal is all I could take. ... (7 replies)
... ghts are there for both of you. I wonder if your vit d will start back up , now that you are off of the forteo. And, I wonder if after one month or two following forteo if maybe your calcium will look difft too. The bone spec. I am now going to said forteo is a very powerful drug. ... (13 replies)
... I'm glad you mentioned the DDD, because yesterday when I saw my Dr at LLU, she asked me again if the Forteo was helping my pain at all, which she does everytime I see her. ... (17 replies)
... I have reread the article I gave you and it states what I've heard many times, and that is forteo is used post parathyroidectomy surgery to increase ca, d, and pth levels. ... (21 replies)
... Atmgd, I'm glad you had some improvement on forteo and you're right forteo is the only U.S. drug that "actually" builds "new" bone, which is why they use it prior to bone surgeries. ... (17 replies)
... Of course everyone is different. And, your response to forteo was good, and others as well. ... (14 replies)

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