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... mpt to massage my eye because I have such drastic Dry Eye Syndrom. He said yes Fosamax does definately dry the eye and so does the Neurontin I take. Staying off Fosamx is my only option here because the Neurontion is a necessity for me. It began for me during menopause and these meds just make it so much worse.. ... (72 replies)
... So I took my Fosamx and put up with the pain.. ... (58 replies)
... Glad you are doing well. Have you taken the Strontium OTC or has it been prescribed for you/ They are working on compounding a pharmaceutical drug with a high level of Strontium but the research shows there is an association with clot formation. Now I don't know if the clot formation is due to the Strontium itself or at the higher concentration used in the study. I have... (6 replies)

... Ok, here is another problem that may be associated with taking Fosamx. I have been having problems with my retinas for over a year. Have to see another opthamologist in June for another complete exam. I just read an article stating that Fosamax could cause retina problems. Hmmmmmmmm. I've been off it for a year and a half but here's the half life effect. It's in our systems... (3 replies)
... Osteoblast: I took Fosamx for 3 1/2 years and went off it over a year ago because of all the negative news. Plus I had terrible neck and shoulder pain and chest pain that went away 6-8 weeks after discontinuing. My scores are -3.4 in both hip and back but I haven't had any Fx of any kind. The fosamax NEVER helped up my scores and I even went down while on it. I'm thinking... (20 replies)
... Wildflowers: You have voiced the process many of us have gone through. I had heard the word osteoporosis many times over the years but it didn't scare me like cancer or heart disease. Then why, when I was diagnosed, did I believe I was on my way to a wheel chair. Up to that point I was healthy, stong and had NEVER broken a bone. I believed my endo when she said I had very... (12 replies)
... hat are once a week for the next month just to get things started I guess while we figure out what is best. Is this fosamax dangerous...I see lots of not so nice fosamx topics ...rotting jaws? ... (10 replies)
T-score of 2.0
Jan 17, 2006
... Talked to my dr. today. she is staring me on the lowest dose of Fosamax..She said I am borderline Osteopenia and that it should help. She told me to keep taking my calcium and keep up with my exercise. She is going to check my Vitamin D level to make sure i am getting enough. She mentioned that sometimes people w/ thyroid issues have bone loss. I was recently diagnosed as... (13 replies)
... My 81-year-old grandmother has just been told by her doctor that she needs to have a Total Knee Replacement. I am concerned about this, as she also has osteoporosis. I am not sure of the severity of her osteoporosis, but she does have a Dowager's Hump and is unable to take any kind of medication like Fosamx or Actonel, due to the side-effects. Has anyone else here had... (5 replies)
... Well, there is always the IV pamidronate, a bisphosphonate like Actonel and Fosamx but given by IV infusion instead. ... (16 replies)
... History: Hit menopause and had problems. Dr prescribed HRT and I took those for ten years had no problems. But in 2002 they decided HRT is a bad I stopped. Since then I have developed both osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. Lost 2 inchs in height. I'm 57 now Started Fosamax Feb 2004. Dec 17, 2004 I stopped Fosamx. (11 replies)
... Well I had to go for a perscription renewal (not the fosamx but something else I take). Dr was not there. She left the Corporation so I have to choose a diff one. None were avalible and I really needed a perscription renewed so I had to see the Nurse Practitioner. I explained I had not taken the Foxamax since Christmas because I am worried about the eye tic being a side... (72 replies)
Lysine & Strontium
Jul 12, 2004
... L-Lysine is often used for people who get cold sores. But Strontium, as I understand it, is a waste product from nuclear plants that may even have radioactive properties! What exactly did he say about it? This sounds very strange to me. (3 replies)
Lysine & Strontium
Jul 12, 2004
... Hi all! Dr Hoffman on the radio (NYC WOR) last week recommended Lysine , K2, and Strontium instead of Fosamx. He said Strontium should not be taken at the same time as Calcium ( if you take Calcium with meals then take Strotium at bed time). I'm not sure what dosage he recommend. Does anyone have exprience with Lysine and Strontium ? (3 replies)
... If you want to go the alternative route, this is what many of us do: - Approximately 1200 mg. Calcium divided into 2 doses Am and Pm (I think liquid best as it is most absorable. Innovative Natural makes one that combines Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D, which we also need) - I take extra magnesium in the form of a powder called Natural Calm as I think magnesium intake... (7 replies)
... I have just been diagnosed with osteopenia. I am completely confused as to the course to take. My Doctor wants me to take either Fosamx or Evista, but both have terrible side effects I read. Any ideas? ... (7 replies)
... i find it questionable that the IV fosamax should be any diff. from the oral unless you're having a problem with absorption (stomac acid, perhaps??) ... i do respond to actonal, but can't tolerate it, which is why i've tried calcium/magnesium ... i don't tolerate the cal/mag that well either (magnesium makes the bowels loose -- should help with your constipation ;) ), but i'm... (24 replies)
... I have been taking fosamx (70 mg once a week) for four years with no improvement in bone density. One of the four years I tried actonel due to gastsric problems with fosamax, Also took with 1200 mg calcium daily, I exercise daily, don't smoke, drink. still premenopausal. My doctor says my bone scan is that of a woman my age who has never taken osteoporosis drugs at all! ... (24 replies)
... So far my personal Fosamx side effects have not been as you described. My Dr did tell me to expect heart burn. But I did NOT get heart burn at all. ... (3 replies)
... I already have COPD for which I use an inhaler and in January my Dr prescribed Fosamx for my Borderline Osteoporosis. So I am interested in reading replies to your questions. ... (2 replies)

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