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... Could someone please tell me how bad my scores are. I have to take some blood work to determine if my body needs more d and calcium. ... (3 replies)
... That percent change refers to the g/cm2 from the DEXA readout AND not the T-score. Never compare T-scores. Always compare g/cm2. Also, what is the machines precision and error OR what they call least significant change. Most rheums and endos would consider stopping bone loss a win as they would with an increase. Of course an increase is better but stopping the loss seems to... (2 replies)
Dexa Scan Graph
Feb 13, 2008
... I was just thinking, for the technician at the osteoporosis center to make a comment about fraudulent test scores from two years ago at the local hospital, you would think there would be a big difference between the two scans, but there isn't. ... (4 replies)

... Hey Phyllis, I am just now reading this. I am so happy for you! Your scores are great! I know you worked hard for that. Thanks for posting your receipe for the wheat bread, sounds delicious. I'll have to try that out. ... (23 replies)
... I copied my last few MRI, CT, and DEX scores. here they are. With no really needing some guidance on what to be tested for. Every Doctor I have seen has a diffrent oppinion. 12-2-2005 TECHNIQUE: Bone densitometry of PA lumbar spine and proximal right forearm was performed using a DXA Hologic bone densitometer in the fast array scan mode. TECHNICAL... (17 replies)
... I am a 67 year old female who has had several broken bones. Most were caused by falling, but my doctor says I need to take biophosphonates. I had slipped in my wet driveway, broke my hip and arm. Then, in November, I stepped off a high stage and broke my ankle in 3 places. I got two pins on one side and a plate on the other. Couldn't put weight on it for 3 months. I don't... (5 replies)
DEXA results...
Aug 5, 2011
... results to share. Over the years they have chanced some of the reference terms and in 2009 no T score given for the lumbar spine. Please keep in mind these are scores with no adjustments made for the strontium, so they may not be as good as they look on paper. I ask the dr. ... (7 replies)
Dexa Scan Graph
Feb 12, 2008
... I am also rushing to get my taxes done this week because I'm going to San Diego next month for a wedding. I'll have to post the two scores another time. ... (4 replies)
... Hi All: Osteo ask me a while back how to figure the percentage increase/decrease on 2 dxa scores, and I ran across this calculator if you want to try it. You need the g/cm2 figures to do it, but try it out, if you are trying to figure your percentage of change between 2 scans, or you can compare 3 different scanners/scores, that may vary from one another. Most dxa print... (4 replies)
... I thought the higher the number the more bone loss on the Dexa score, so I'm a bit confused. If this is correct than your left femur score has increased slightly indicating more, not less, bone loss. I may be incorrect on the information you are presenting. I hope so. That anything has decreased is certainly something to celebrate, though! That you are also doing weight... (17 replies)
... I have been taking E-ZORB calcium after reading about it on this message board since the beginning of the summer 2005 and I just had a bone density test a few weeks ago. The last time I had a bone density test was 8/31/2004. Results by t-score from 8/31/2004 lumbar spine - 0.8 borderline osteopenia left femur - 2.3 osteopenia right femur was... (17 replies)
... I do not understand my results at all, and not sure what numbers are even my scores. Can anyone help me? RESULTS: Site Region BMD (g/cm2) T-score(young adult) Z-score(age match) Spine L1-L4 0.899 -1.3 -1.1 R Hip Neck 0.711 -1.2 -0.9 R Hip Total 0.953 0.1 0.3 L Hip Neck 0.708 -1.3 -1.0 L Hip Total 0.919 -0.2 0.0 (0 replies)
Dexa Scan Graph
Feb 12, 2008
... Jacal- My doctor told me not to focus on the T scores but rather on the g/cm2. If you look at that , how did you do? Also, what did the technician mean when she said your previous score was fraudulent??? (4 replies)
... SierraWalker-does your monitor just sit on the counter or is it further elevated on the counter by something that it sits i on? PikaB-In a way it would be easier if I could transform the desk to work for this instead of the kitchen counter. So, regarding the 16 inch stand that you put on the desk ,could you tell me who makes the stand is so I can look for it ? Glad to... (24 replies)
... Meaurement of left femur showed a drop in BDM (g/cm2) from 0.724 to 0.714 which dropped me from -2.3 last year to -2.4 this year, I don't know what the error rates are. ORIGINALLY POSTED BY JACAL5 You are correct, the t-score in my hip was slightly worse, it went from -2.3 to -2.4, because of the .10 decrease in the BDM (mean bone mineral density) per centimeter squared... (17 replies)

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