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... I went to an osteoporosis treatment center for my scan, and the technician told me my prior scan from two years ago at local hospital should be considered fraudulent because the calculation of my score was not done properly! ... (13 replies)
... The real question is if you get a DEXA scan and they tell you have OP, would you want to take a drug? ... (7 replies)
Dexa Scan Graph
Feb 13, 2008
... cm2 because as a scrutinized both Dexa scans I found something I wasn't aware of. ... (4 replies)

... Yesterday I had lunch with a new friend I met at physical therapy. She is 67 and considering hip replacement surgery for an arthritic hip. ... (0 replies)
... I've been on Strontium since exactly one year ago. Here are my new DEXA results. ... (6 replies)
Dexa Scan Results
Oct 15, 2009
... Katc45 a year since my last dexa! Yeah your right the more i think about it I should do the happy hip dance!!! I am on strontium two years now the first dexa i stayed the same in spine but decrease in hip so this is second since strontium. Wishing you good results.. ... (4 replies)
DEXA scan
Oct 8, 2007
... more likely to break a hip than someone with normal bone density. It doesn't mean you will break a hip, just that your risk is that much higher. What a DEXA doesn't tell you is the strength of the bone. There is a difference between bone density and bone strenght. ... (3 replies)
... zorb calcium because calcium citrate didn't work for me, my hip and spine scores were getting worse while on calcium citrate. ... (13 replies)
... ntil you have had the DEXA, more test if needed and talked to your dr. you really won't know exactly what is going on. In the meantime try to relax, stress isn't good for anything. Congratulation on your weight loss and exercise program. ... (2 replies)
... score do you mean total hip or spine? ... (3 replies)
DEXA scan
Nov 15, 2018
... Your doctor may have ordered the scan of the other hip to compare the two sides. ... (5 replies)
... I think you are saying your T-score is 2.7 for your lumbar spine and 3.1 for your right hip. (I'm not sure what 'young adult score' means). Osteoporosis is a score of -2.5 and higher so your lumbar spine is two points over that. I'm sorry, I don't know how bad that is - I guess we could say not too bad since it's only two points but the fact that you've broken a number of... (5 replies)
DEXA scan
Oct 11, 2007
... :confused: I just got the results of mine in the mail after requesting from endo who scared life out of me....Total for spine is -1.8 However L4 is -2.6...For hip T score is -1.1 BUT neck (which I read is most important? is -2.3) I definitly think I dont need the Actonel she gave me yet...Comments please... Chloe, Is your dr suggesting meds??? I am going to try stronium... (3 replies)
Osteoporosis at 39
Sep 25, 2008
... nner in my late 20s and just after turning 30, I developed a stress fracture of my left femoral neck which ended up being a full fracture after a bad fall. I had hip surgery and insertion of 3 surgical pins, and ended up making a quick, full recovery. ... (6 replies)
... I've never had a fracture. My DEXA results have always said "high risk for fracture". ... (18 replies)
... is developed to test women for potential bone problems before a fracture happens. In some cases, hip fractures are fatal........especially with the elderly. My mother just suffered a hip fracture and will never be able to take care of herself again. ... (72 replies)
Heel Scan
Oct 2, 2006
... Web info says the ultrasound heel scan usually corresponds well with hip BMD and risk of hip fracture. ... (12 replies)
... I simply can not tolerate it. For me though it is not life or death as it might be for a woman with a uterus using unopposed estrogen. I have heard good things about natural progesterone also helping with bmd though. Somewhere I read that human bone has receptors for progesterone as well as for estrogen. ... (22 replies)
... spine and hip scans. ... (18 replies)
... So my spine improved by .2 and my hip by .4 which to me is significant. ... (11 replies)

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