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... In February I had a serum calcium result of 10.5 which made me start Googling. I found parathyroid. ... (0 replies)
... total calcium and ionized calcium. I wrote a few weeks back that my dr. had ordered on two occasions the total calcium tests when there was concern about elevated calcium . Both total calcium tests came back slightly out of range on the high side. Another dr. ... (19 replies)
... You said that your calcium supplementation was entirely cut out due to your high serum ionized reading. Were you still high in range or were you outside the upper end of the range? ... (19 replies)

... I was diagnosed with increased calcium levels some months ago, gradually they went down, but last recorded check was high, have now found have problem with kidney function which could be causing mine, also it can be caused by a virus, you need to have your parathyroid checked and bloods once a month.something is causing it, but RARELY is it the big C.Look on the website for... (71 replies)
... and it should include serum calcium and ionized calcium. I had told him how my doctor had said that ionized calcium is outdated and not reliable. ... (71 replies)
... I'm not sure where to post this, but since many of you seem to have a lot of knowledge regarding Calcium metabolism, I will ask here. I had posted here before regarding calcium levels and unexplained bone loss in my jaw. ... (71 replies)
... I have the same problem but I continue to take the Forteo. Do you know what your total and ionized calcium levels are? ... (1 replies)
... Originally, my PCP sent me to the endocrinologist because during one of my regular blood draws it was discovered that the PTH levels were high and the serum calcium levels were borderline low. She knew that my grandmother had osteoporosis and that I was concerned about the possibility that I could have it as well. ... (7 replies)
... Would you remind me as to whether is was serum calcium or ionized calcium that your dr. thought was most important. Must be my brain fog that I can't recall. ... (4 replies)
... once again on a holter monitor and I just got one off a few weeks ago. I am so 'foggy' in the brain now it is unbelivable. Well, anyway, I asked them to run a calcium on me since my calcium had been jumping around before, He did and it was 11.0. ... (71 replies)
... and it came back normal. I then went to an Endo for another reason, and he ordered a serum ioniz...test. That test came back with my serum calcium elevated and also my D3, my urinary calcium was normal and so was PTH, T3 etc. ... (9 replies)
... the dr. advise you to cut your calcium supplement intake? ... (19 replies)
... bout it. I heard basically the same thing that you heard, and that I must just be one of those people that doesn't present anylizable blood results, and that my calcium must just run a little high from normal. ... (7 replies)
... tail but rapidly running out of breath! I found a great doctor here who does MIRP but can't get in to her without a referral! I see my doctor has requested the calcium to be checked again before my next appointment but that isn't for another 2 months! Two more months of this seems like a lifetime! ... (71 replies)
... Thank you DesertBloom. You confirmed what was becoming clear to me. I am also baffled by the advice I received about cutting back my calcium intake , after the dr. reviewed the high total calcium reading. Do you know how that works? ... (19 replies)
... if you don't mind me asking, were your pth levels and calcium levels always high or did they fluctuate? ... (80 replies)
... decreases, like if you have low D you supplement it orally to increase it, or the same with say high Potassium. ... (19 replies)
... My numbers for Calcium, ionized calcium, phosphorus, and PTH varied all over the place, during the timeframes from 1986 to 2001. ... (104 replies)
... I have been going through a situation with slightly elevated calcium since last March, and what I can tell you about how much calcium is too much, is to have a Total calcium test, and an Ionized calcium test done and this will answer your question. ... (4 replies)
... ion will "naturally" fall outside of reference ranges anyway. I don't know what to tell you on which test is better, total or ionized, but they usually don't do ionized unless you have some other medical problem that would precipitate the running of that test, or if you were getting ready for surgery. ... (17 replies)

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