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... About 3 a.m. when attempting to roll over, and once again noticing the amount of pain in my joints, and I mean ALL of my joints, it dawned on me that maybe this is related to the the Boniva I took 3 weeks ago. ... (1 replies)
Extreme Joint Pain
Apr 19, 2012
... I was on actonel for aprox 3 years and found I had severe joint pain as well. The pain was severe but also migratory, traveling from one joint to another. My doctor refused to listen or connect that it could have been from the bone medication he put me on. ... (2 replies)
... we get to the stage where we loose more than we make then osteoparosis occurs. The medication stops the loss of bone hence the increase in bone density and the pain felt is the body absorbing the medication . That much I have learned through researching on the internet. ... (23 replies)

... muscle fatigue with no let up in site. Inspite of the pain I too am trying to continue for the sake of treating my osteoporosis. ... (23 replies)
... I have just been prescribed Actonel 35mg once a week. Took first tablet on Sunday 4 Jan 2004 today Wed 7 Jan I am just about able to cope with the joint pain other symptoms, nausia, abdominal pain, headsche and difficulty swallowing have now subsided. ... (23 replies)
... e same time that I started taking the actonel I was diagnosed with an elevated rhumatoid factor. Within a month of starting the actonel I was experiencing severe joint pain, especially in the feet. ... (23 replies)
... joint pain went away. PLEASE POST AND LET US KNOW! ... (23 replies)
... Do some research on what actually comprises these potions. (9 replies)
... I've often wondered the same thing about the bone and joint pain some experience with Forteo. Why? ... (9 replies)
Extreme Joint Pain
Apr 16, 2012
... I was on Actenol for a number of years when I developed back pain and had to start a pain management regime. After about 2 years, I woke with carpal tunnel symptoms and an increasing tendonitis in my left elbow. ... (2 replies)
... taking forteo 4 months had to go off a couple of times due to joint pain and nausea I have severe back pain due to other reasons and will probably have to start a strong narcotic medication for the chronic back pain, This also causes nausea. ... (6 replies)
... snowmelts you are absolutely right when you say that it's supposed to go away in the first few weeks. The Actonel people said joint pain is not a common side effect and that it is a symptom that SHOULD go away. I wish I knew for sure if it is the actonel? ... (23 replies)
... Bones do not have nerves inside of them, which would be associated with pain. When we break a bone, for instance, it is not the fracture of the bone itself which may be painful but the surrounding muscle and tissues that become inflamed or compromised by the break. btw: Osteo meds lay down material that make the bone structure more brittle. Obviously, this is not ideal... (23 replies)
... Hi I've been taking Actonel for 1 1/2 years now and feel OK...not so when I first started taking it!! I had a lot of various aches and pains, too, but after about 3-4 months, it eased up, and it's now gone. Sometimes ya just have to suffer a bit with meds...but they good they do outweighs the bad. I was diagnosed with osteopenia, and in order for it to not progress to... (23 replies)
... I have been taking actonel for a month now and lately find I have a lot of joint pain and muscle fatigue. ... (23 replies)
... can osteoprosis cause joint pain on activity (2 replies)
... Fosamax is in the same chemical class (phosphonate) that is used in the lye cleaners that remove soap scum from the bath tub. Dr. John Lee has called it a metabolic poison that kills osteoclasts. Go to the Thyroid Board here and type in Fosamax. There was very good information on a thread there from someone who did extensive research on Fosamax. Sorry, I'm off now so don't... (9 replies)
... Forteo is teriparatide, a portion of a synthetic form of the human parathyroid hormone. I can understand the possibility of bone and joint pain side effects of Forteo possibly being due to too much parathyroid hormone. ... (9 replies)
... Has anyone ever been given a reason, or read a reason, for the bone and joint pain that sometimes occurs as a result of the use of Fosamac, Actonel or even Forteo? ... (1 replies)
... Starting Monday on my own decision, I'll try not to take actonel and see for myself if the joint pain will get better after a few weeks. ... (23 replies)

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