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... when i called the 800# on the osteopure bottle, they told me that they did scientific studies...but they were in the middle of doing clinical studies. the information that they told me though seemed to make sense, like he knew what he was talking about. if you are interested in calling, i can give you the 800#. or if you have any specific questions--i might be able to... (4 replies)
... hello, i've recently found out that i have osteopenia at age 23! i know low bone density runs in my family. my grandmother has severe osteoporosis and has been on prescriptions, but nothing helped. my mom is on fosamax and hates it w/ all the side effects. i know i'm heading down a dangerous road, but i figured i can try to stop it now at an early age ....and... (4 replies)
... one of the drugs. I am tired of being a guinea pig for the drug companies, I don't take the cancer drugs either, I just don't trust them. I've gone thru the old message board and I don't really see anything in alternative medicine. Help! ... (3 replies)

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Jul 3, 2002
... How do u get those cute little silly icons into your messages. I read it,but don't understand it. Anyone out there? (0 replies)
... but the gain has stabilized. I have found no "official" mention of this on any web sites with the exception of message boards and chat rooms. Start asking your women friends if they are on the drug and what their experiences have been. ... (9 replies)
... Thank YOU! I thought I was losing my mind! Did the weight ever come off? (9 replies)
Am i at risk?
May 24, 2002
... You may not be too bad off with no menstrual periods for just nine months - it's really hard to say. It might be a good idea to make a list of your concerns and discuss them with your OBGYN or another health care specialist. If they think it's necessary then you can have a bone density test and put your mind at ease. It's always good to start thinking about osteoporosis at a... (2 replies)
... you have me curious....what is the reasoning for taking it with distilled or bottled water? I have been on Actonel, but only for a month. I take it once a week and so far have had no problems, following all the instructions re: empty stomach, upright for 30 mins. etc. anyway, just curious about the water thing....I always want to know the 'whys'...?? ... (11 replies)
... I have to agree with you. I have one cup of coffee per day but I'm gradually tapering that off and will soon be no coffee (OHHHHH those withdrawal headaches.) I don't drink other beverages with caffeine so I hope it helps. From all I've read and heard research seems to support that it's better to avoid caffeine for better bone density. (3 replies)
... this message is for jir..i have literature from lilly the manufacturer of says "do not take evista if your dr has not told you that you have passed menopause... ... (14 replies)
... I've been taking Evista for a year and it's great, except that now my esophagus is getting affected. It seems harder to swallow, I mean I feel my esophagus, and my breathing is a little harder. It's odd because I'm a professional flutist. I'm not sedentary any more, but I'm 49 and very small, Cauc. and 4'11" tall. My health is still excellent otherwise; I've always had... (14 replies)
... Okay my first message now shows up. Crazy! Sorry for the confusion. ... (7 replies)
... I was looking up information about my daughter on this website and noticed this board for Osteoporosis. Have any of you ever heard of John Lee, MD? He treats Osteoporosis with Natural Progesterone cream. He claims that it is reversible. I also know of a Physician's Assistant in Edmond, OK who uses it on her patient's for that and many other symptoms sucessfully. I use... (2 replies)
... In researching low bone density I've learned that many young adult women (your age group) have it. Sometimes severe athletic training causes it like ballet dancing gymnastics, excessive running, etc. There may be other reasons but it's hard to say. The important thing is to prevent progression by educating yourself and eliminating the risk factors that you CAN CHANGE -... (7 replies)
... Hello Faith: Hey, good for you - you were able to get your T-score. Okay, why don't you compare yours to mine. My T-score on the femur was -1.3 and everything I've seen calls it borderline low bone density. Not bad enough to be called osteoporosis yet. The BMD was .839 on the femur. My spine was above that of an average healthy young adult at BMD 1.204. So your lowest... (9 replies)
... hi i have a question i have been haveing my spine popping when it pops i falll and cant move my legs or feel thim i have been on predisone all my life i'm now 18 and having spinal probloms i was told i would not be able to walk i a couple of months because its atacking my spine and arms has anyone ealse heard of this??? i was just wanting some advise. lightingheart (3 replies)
... There were many messages on the old board about Fosamax and eye problems.I'm pleased to see in Linda's recent message that Merck has now enclosed some information on this problem in the leaflet they enclose with Fosamax. ... (64 replies)
... Your doctor better do more research on the side effects of this drug. I had trouble swallowing after about a week. A friend developed severe stomach ulcers from Fossamax and all sorts of digestive problems from it, as it is very acidic. Always read the drug inserts that come with these prescriptions. And remember, all drugs have side effects! (64 replies)
... fosamax. I am scheduled for a berium enema to find the cause. My doctor doesn't believe it could be the fosamax. I have stopped taking it and after reading this message board I don't think I will resume it. ... (64 replies)
... Answer to rosalyn's 01-02-2001 post. Sorry it took so long to answer. We have been on vacation. No I did not experience weight gain taking Fosamax. When the side effects occurred, I felt so bad, I could not eat and lost about 10 pounds. After being overweight most of my adult (4 replies)

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