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... DesertBloom- I do hope that you will hear something soon about getting the article. Besides the comm college what about also trying the local city/town library and having them try the interlibrary loan with the state univ.? Are you doing ok now? Feeling better ? In answer to your question,I walked out of the place where the dexa was done with a prelim report generated by... (28 replies)
... Also DB, and others, as I said on a prior message there is also a presentation on Oversuppression of Resorption with Bisphosphonates. I wonder what this would mean? ... (21 replies)
... t, but I do want to pass along some info re Ezorb and leg cramps. I have been taking Ezorb for over a year now, inspired by many of the positive reports on this message board. I did notice after a while, though, that I got leg cramps, similar to ones I had when I didn't take enough calcium. ... (44 replies)

... are other methods of bodywork including Rolfing and the Alexander Technique. I have been aware of these methods for years due to accessing the repetitve injury message boards, but never tried them. ... (4 replies)
... I don't think I had a rigorous exercise routine. I tried to get to the gym a few times a week to do walking on the treadmill, or using an elliptical trainer and some upper body exercises using weight resistance machines. I've sort of slacked off a bit lately, so I must get my act together and do more regular exercise. I finished Forteo last March and pretty quickly went... (21 replies)
... Spinewhine-It's great to get your message. Yes, now I do recall you saying this before about not to be discouraged too soon. Yet it is good to hear it once again at this time. Thank you. I seem to recall that you had a pretty rigorous regimen that you were following with exercise and perhaps supplements. Could you go over those aspects again? I would just like to... (21 replies)
... DesertBloom - I don't know how to thank you for all of that, it was very helpful and a lot to think about. Once again, you have shown the importance of tempering emotion with knowledge. You certainly have learned alot going through all this and I really appreciate your sharing both your experiences and your research. Your discussion about your conversations with your... (21 replies)
... Phyllis, thanks so much for your info! It's good to know some of you have background in the thyroid issues too -- I didn't recall seeing anyone mention thyroid in the earlier posts I read, but then of course there were only so many I could read during my few days of "lurking"! To answer your question, I'm 54, about 2 years into menopause. So I figure I have about 3 years left... (8 replies)
... Thanks again, DesertBloom, for your message. Since I have never been to an endo before, I really didn't know what to expect. I hope he is nice and helpful to me. (4 replies)
... Wildflower...thank you for sharing your thoughts, you've come full circle. You're message should be posted in every doctors office where the dx of osteo is told so others won't be so scared. ... (12 replies)
... wildflowers, Beautiful message, beautifully said. Thank you for making us all stop and realize that life and living it is more important than the worry and the fear. Thank you for blessing us with wisdom, exerience, and the joy of living. glowing4 (12 replies)
... wildflowers - What a wonderful message! Thank you. I am about in the same boat you are. I am now taking nothing for the osteo even though I know I should be - but when you can't take the Fosamax or those like it, and like you the Forteo made me so sick - there isn't much left. I am trying not to worry about it and just hope I can do as well as you seem to be doing. I am... (12 replies)
... ample, the last time I went it was about a month after my disastrous BMD results, so I told her about that and she suggested we focus on my spine and was there a message it was trying to tell me. ... (10 replies)
... onal bone loss was caused by your forteo treatment you or your doc should contact Lilly and get this question settled. While you may help a few people on this message board, Lilly should look at this in your case and perhaps you would then help many more people. ... (16 replies)
Fosomax Warning
Aug 9, 2007
... I really could not tell , however, from you message whether the notice was sent directly from fosamax and sent to you as a user. Could you clarify? ... (13 replies)
... Mom (she's 78) and I (I'm 54) both go to physical therapy together because of trip and fall injuries we both received a few months apart. On Wednesday, while we were both being treated, Mom asked a therapist to look in her medical file for some test results, The therapist happened to turn to the bone density test sheet, and I asked him what the results were. He said she has... (2 replies)
Honey I've shrunk!
Jul 31, 2007
... k, I just wish it had a different name that was less portentous. And I can think of many other titles that would be much more apropos, and still convey the same message without hurting others feelings. ... (11 replies)
... I just joined because of your message about vivid dreams. I was not a dreamer at all until I started taking forteo a year ago and now have almost nightly vivid dreams, some of a nightmaish quality. ... (16 replies)
... Being a faithful reader of this message board, I know the answer I got from Ezorb is not correct, too much calcium can cause kidney stones, and can cause calcium not to be absorbed. ... (2 replies)
... Hi Desert, My Thyroid Function test came back normal. I asked the dermatologist to mail me the printout of ALL tests I did, so I can check the range. I also left her a message to call me regarding as to WHY she saw fit to order the ANA test (which doesn't really have a connection, that I know of, to dermatology) - and why most of the other tests that I requested, she said... (6 replies)

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