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... I just looked at your message and I need to ponder it before getting back to you on specifics. ... (11 replies)
... Great message! I too think Fosamax and the other drugs similiar should soon go the way of Viox. Meanwhile someone is starting these drugs every day thinking their doctor knows best. I was urged to go on HRT and refused and am glad I did. I would like to know the best calcium pill to take. First of all it should be reasonably easy to swallow. Then calcium citrate or... (32 replies)
... Thanks for all your help and support. This message board is great, since I know no one who has osteopenia who can help me like this board can.. ... (18 replies)

... Ooops , I entered message twice. ... (29 replies)
... n7. I was easily able to get the audio and slide session. It is fascinating! I am going to view the conference tomorrow and am excited at the prospect! The total message that I got from session7 was the vital importance of maintaining proper d levels . This is something doable . ... (29 replies)
... m a little nervous about this so bare with me for it is my first time using a message board like this. ... (6 replies)
... Hi. This is my first message around here... ... (10 replies)
... Thanks for your response and support. I just found my disease, systemic mastocytosis, discussed under rare disorders on this message board. ... (7 replies)
... d of doing the injection and live with someone, ask them to give you moral support when you are doing the shot. It has helped me , also give yourself a positive message then. Try in some way to balance the fear out with something good. ... (37 replies)
... Hello fellow bone challenged: I just got results from my yearly Dexa and wanted to share them with you. First, a little background is necessary. I wasf diagnosed in 2002 with severe osteo,-3.4 in both hips and back. I never had a fx or any other risk factors except heredity. I was put on Fosamax, told to take calcium and have my next dexa in 18 months. Well, it scared... (13 replies)
... more like 2 weeks. Right after the call, if they think they can help you, they tell you to get in touch whoever in the office is handling the schedule. I left a message for her and she called back and set me up for the next available time....which was only 3 weeks away. But I could have had a later date if I wanted. ... (104 replies)
HRT cancer news
Apr 26, 2007
... clarify. I wonder either if bioidentical and bioavailable are used to refer to the same thing or if the dr. meant to say bioidentical. I don't know. Anyway his message was clear to stay away from estrogen or estrogenic substances. ... (29 replies)
HRT cancer news
Apr 19, 2007
... Anyone on HRT or thinking about HRT should look at the news today. While I went through menopause without HRT because of the studies coming out around 2000. I have always wondered about that decision especially with my osteoporosis. It is not a decision that I will question any longer. I hope that you folks will do a news search on the test results that have come out in... (29 replies)
... I'm pretty mad about having to wait 6 months to find out that I didn't qualify for the clinical trial, someone could have left me a message. I think the trial was in the process of getting finalized but still there's no excuse. I may order stronium citrate and try that. I need to get more information about it. The stomach problems were from taking long term pain... (23 replies)
... There's a message board on here in regard to Forteo. ... (12 replies)
... On another message board I sometimes read, we are discussing how Strontium skewers DEXA scan results. ... (5 replies)
... thing about strontium and is not even curious. I get almost all my information and helpful advice about osteoporosis from my own research and posters here on the message board. I will be very interested in the answers you get and bring back to us! Thank you. ... (19 replies)
... No. No, it was just my own. I haven't even told him about my alternative therapies, since he seems so mainstream; aside from the Forteo he only recommended calcium, D, and exercise. But when he saw DEXA improvement he told me to "Keep doing what you are doing." Weighted vests have been shown to increase bone density. Shoulder weights are similar except that they... (24 replies)
... telopeptide and reference range and come up with reference numbers very close to what you indicated. The phone message from the dr. indicated my result was 75 and calcium in the normal range. On thurs. I can talk with the dr. and also get my vitamin d results. ... (3 replies)
... Hi: I would ask your dr for the lab reults so you can see for yourself what the reference ranges are. I've been told that even if you don't have a baseline test, there would still be a range that is considered normal for your age-menopause status. Unfortunately I don't know what the normal score is, however the reference ranges that I have based on my *local lab* is 19-63... (3 replies)

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