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... ever, since you are young with osteopenia, I would definitely like to know what caused it so that would be important to know. There are many secondary causes of osteopenia and osteoporosis, so I would ask the dr to check you for those. The main one would be meno, at your age, and the reason. ... (1 replies)
... in other bones. It is also possible to get these when your in your 30's but I'd ask to see an orthopedic specialist because osteoporosis usually doesn't cause severe pain that just starts like you describe. ... (12 replies)
... As I said, I got diagnosed and told about the Osteopenia and Vit D def. about a week before my insurance expired with my old employer. ... (30 replies)

... nt bone loss especially if there is some medical condition or even menopause that is accelerating the bone loss faster than you can regrow bone. I would ask your specialist also since you have other medical symptoms going on. Let us know. I don't know what celiac is but someone does I'm sure. ... (6 replies)
20 with osteopenia
Jan 11, 2003
... Last spring I had pain in my legs and after MRIs, X-rays and bone scans, I was found to have atleast 3 stress fractures. There was no explaination for the fracures. After months of different tests, a bone density was finally done. I was told I have early osteoperosis(or osteopenia). The fractures took months and months to heal and I continue to have pain, discomfort and... (19 replies)
... Glad you got to see a specialist. So your tests are ok but you have osteoporosis? Are they sure the anke fracture it is a stress fracture? You didn't roll your foot or twist your ankle somehow to cause this fracture? How long have you been wearing the air cast? I understand your fear about getting a fracture when you start running again. It is possible to have your ankle... (7 replies)
... It would be much better if you could get a consult and discuss the causes, medication, etc., directly. I agree about holding off on the Fosamax until you see a specialist and hear what your options are. I took one Fosamax pill and my stomach was on fire and I had to get off of it. Where is your stress fracture located. ... (7 replies)
... Are you seeing a specialist or primary care? ... (7 replies)
... Hi Monte...Yes I am a breast cancer survivor. During my chemo treatments I was approached at least 3 different times by 3 different oncologist . All of whom were trying to encourage me to either enter a study or to just add zometa to my every 3wk chemo. I declined.It seems that right around the time I was getting chemo a study came out saying zometa can help prevent the spread... (6 replies)
... I am also on a drug called forteo which is the only drug prescribed that can actually build bone. Forteo can elevate calcium as well. In the literature a specialist from Cleveland Clinic advises that if patients on forteo go hypercalcemic that he cuts the amount of their calcium and d supplements. ... (2 replies)
... Hi Zoegirl- I know I should have gone earlier but I was terrified after watching what happened to my mother. Anyway better late than never. Hopefully, the calcium plus vit D and exercise (which I have done for years) will help. I have also just started a supplement called Reosteo which is a plant based supplement from India based on Ayurvedic medicine and has apparently had... (10 replies)
... Hi! I wouldn't necessarily rule out the chiropractor yet, at least until you have further testing done. I too am diagnosed with osteopenia, age 41, and am premenopausal, small frame, with strong family history. The endocrinologist, who is a specialist in this area, did a spine x-ray because of 1.5 inches loss of height and back pain. It showed an old fracture, however, she... (5 replies)
Dec 21, 2007
... identical hormones to address the osteopenia as well as other menopausal "developments." Hope you too can locate a physician and treatment that makes sense to you! ... (6 replies)
... You are right about the osteopenia not causing that kind of pain. You didn't mention what testing or workup your doctor has done thus far. ... (3 replies)
... I think the fact that it's unusual is why I was looking here for someone else who might be going through something similar. My initial break happened when my bone density was still great (DEXA scan at the time showed as much). However, more recent foot fractures have been related to the fact that my bones are thinner than they used to be, and the DEXA scan I had at the end of... (6 replies)
... I'm not sure the osteopenia is related to that though. ... (7 replies)
... f I had a cavity because it was trapping food. I've been reading up on osteoporosis and personally believe most of these were symptoms, although the doctors say osteopenia is symptomless. It could be lack of calcium as well, because I don't think I was taking or absorbing enough. ... (11 replies)
... Your mom does need treatment to stop osteopenia turning into osteoporosis my dad was checked 2 years after receiving chemotherapy,my dad is only in his 40's. ... (10 replies)
Dec 20, 2007
... I get my appointment to see the specialist, I will definitely ask him about them. Everything that I have read about Strontium sounds so good. I hope the Osteo Specialist thinks so too. ... (6 replies)
... I would have her back pain checked out by an orthopedic specialist because osteoporosis usually doesn't cause pain unless you've got a fracture. ... (1 replies)

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