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... first step. Unfortunately, most people think that osteoporosis and osteopenia is something that doesn't occur until your much older than you, which isn't always the case. ... (14 replies)
... peddlers have a big profit to make by raking in as many candidates for their drug as possible, despite the fact that osteopenia is actually not a disease and supposedly requires no drug treatment at all. ... (10 replies)
... this is not a bone disease, like Osteoporosis, but a warning sign used to describe the stage of bone loss before Osteoporosis. If you have Osteopenia you should take precautions to prevent this loss from turning into Osteoporosis. The treatments for Osteoporosis are almost identical to Osteopenia treatment. ... (7 replies)

... calcium , D etc.Also started taking strontium citrate. Diagnosed 2008 with breast cancer. Had surgery and chemo and radiation. For 8 months during cancer treatment had to go off all vitamins, but continued with the exercising throughout the treatment. ... (8 replies)
... Welcome!!! Sorry to hear about your early onset of osteo. I hope you both find a solution to treatment the is right for you, whatever that might be. ... (30 replies)
... Does this treatment plan seem logical? ... (4 replies)
... Hi mrupert: Below is a link that explains T scores... Just take the T score # like you mentioned (-1.1, -1.2 and .6) and compare to the WHO definitions on T scores. All of those numbers are good. You do have osteopenia, but your scores aren't that far away from normal. You still need to prevent those numbers from getting worse, so that is why they let you know how much... (10 replies)
... Hi OgieD and welcome to the board. To answer your first question...Yes, you can stop and even reverse your osteopenia. There's no need to panic here...this is a wake-up call that there are certain lifestyle changes you need to make or you'll be in trouble later in life. So what steps can you take? 1) Quit smoking. 2) Increase your intake of foods that contain calcium. 3)... (4 replies)
... For my osteopenia I'm takin Fosamax and lots of Calcium. Alot of my osteopenia was caused by taking prednisone. Even taking estrogen will help. ... (2 replies)
... I was told that a person with osteopenia should not visit a chiropractor for treatment or adjustments, as it might be possible for the chiropractor to 'break my back'. Is this true? ... (1 replies)
... what foods should you eat or not eat for the treatment of osteopenia (1 replies)
Osteopenia at 36
Jan 4, 2006
... I would suggest pursuing the treatment that you want through the VA system if you have to use that system. There must be an appeal process for denial of treatment or asking for a second opinion on whether Fosamax or the like should be prescribed for you. ... (8 replies)
... I'm 34 with osteopenia; hip t score is -1.4 and spine is -2.5 At the moment I am doing exercises to improve bone mass. I also have increased my calcium intake, but I was already taking a good amount. Both of my sisters have osteopenia and my grandmother and aunt had osteoporosis (hunched over). Those who are in the younger group that have been in treatment over a year... (19 replies)
... Hi everyone. My gynecologist called yesterday to inform me that me bone density scan showed that I have osteopenia. She said that my t score on my spine was -1.9. She asked if I was taking calcium and I told her yes. I have been taking 1000 mg of calcium for 2 1/2 years. My mother also has osteopenia. She said that since my mother has it and I'm already taking calcium,... (8 replies)
... Hello Meagansmom. I'm sorry you are suffering from so much pain. Osteopenia, as you know, is the precurser to osteoporosis, and it can certainly slow down your healing because you aren't replacing bone as quickly as you did as a youngun. I hope you are now using calcium supplementation. I take Calcium with D, along with C and magnesium for added absorption (hopefully). As to... (3 replies)
... Hello, I have recently been told I have osteopenia. My older sister has it as well and has been on fosomax, my aunt and grandmother both had osteoporosis. Excuse me for not knowing all of the terminology yet, but this is what I understand: my hips are -1.4 and my spine measured -2.5, BUT he is dismissing the spine reading because he believes it to be false (from the... (2 replies)
... Hi All - Happy New Year. I posted late last year on the site as I had had a scan of the forearm which showed I had osteopenia. I took a chance and went skiing at Xmas after having had a scan of the hips and spine to find that I have now been diagnosed with osteoporosis. Glad I didn't know that before I went :). Anyway, the hips are not too bad but the spine is -2.8. Of... (4 replies)
... if you take into account the amounts of morphine etc and Bonviva injects 4 times a year, surely cumulatively my treatment overall would come very near to that figure anyway. ... (3 replies)
Osteopenia and HRT
Oct 28, 2010
... Thanks for the reply and the book recommendation. It is on its way from Amazon! I'm intrigued about the rebounder exercises - the concept of why they would help makes sense to me. Which one did you buy and is there anything about it you don't like? Regarding the Vibrational therapy, how did you try that? I Googled that in my area but came up blank. I did find a few... (9 replies)
... Suzie, Before trying Fosamax, I would try either Protelos (by prescription) or the "natural" strontium citrate that you can purchase online. I know that Protelos is available in the UK at this time. I've used a product called Strontium Support, and another one called Strontium Bone Maker by Doctor's Trust. The problem with bisphosphonates like Fosamax, Actonel, and... (4 replies)

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