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... Tryptophan to help me sleep at the suggestion of a nurse practitioner, but I'm not sure it's helping all that much. ... (14 replies)
... o begin with and Iam, an amputee on the left side. Starting from the top of my head, I had to have an eye lid corrected when I was a child. One lid drooped. Then at about 20 I was involved in a very severe car accident which broke my right thigh in 3 seperate places as it crashed into the dash. ... (35 replies)
... egin wotjh and Iam, an amputee on the left side. Starting from the top of my head, I had to have an eye lid coprrected when I was a child. One lid drrooped. Then at about 20 I was involved in a very severe car accident which broke my righ thinmgh in 3 seperate places as it crashed into tjhe dash. ... (35 replies)

... and on HCG at the same time to regenerate the testes. I believe you remove the HCG first but I'm not sure. Then you taper off clomid. ... (35 replies)
... You need to get that up to 50 or higher if not. Between the T treatment and vit D, you should see improvement on your bone numbers I bet. ... (35 replies)
... ve had this 10 years that explains the bone loss. My guess is once you get your T level right along with Vit D and calcium your bone loss will either improve or at least stop getting worse. Good for you for doing your reading before you jumped into the androgel. ... (35 replies)
... ut I do have a small hay farm. We are cutting and baling this week, later than it should be done here in Virginia but the weather has not coopertated. You need at least 3 good days in a row with no rain and we have not had that since early May until just this week. ... (35 replies)
... a right leg below the knee amputee. I have had soooo many surgeries since my car accident back when I was aboput twenty that I am trying to figure out if its the Osteoperosis thats causeing my pain, or if its the results of all the surgeries I have endured since 20 years of age. ... (4 replies)
... I have been here several times and some have repiled to me. Iam going to ask a question now I hope and pray I get a lot of responses to because I feel Iam at the end of my options. As some of you know, my Primary Physician decided he wanted me to take a Bone Density Test. Iam 58 and will be 59 in Oct this year. ... (4 replies)
... ning 35 next week and I've had a Vitamin Deficency for over a year now. The way they found it was I was having female issues and since I have a family history of Osteoperosis in my family, my gyn sent me to a bone scan..... we'll turns out my lumber is at 80percent, Lower legs 92 perscent. Can remember much else, I was in shock. ... (10 replies)
... Mine are very close to yours, plus my hips are really bad too. I was diagnosed as severe at 22, but I've got a bone disease, so I guess osteoperosis is almost expected. ... (17 replies)
Just found out
Jan 10, 2004
... hrt scares me..a friend took prempro and a year later was diagnosed with breast cancer..also before i would agree to take both at the same time i would call the makers of fosamac..merck. and see if the drug has been fda approved to be used in conjunction with hrt... ... (2 replies)
... Hi GDB, I have been on Forteo for a while and will finish up the two year treatment in a few months. I had two spontaneous back fractures that occurred at the same time, T5 was a 50% collapse. I had mostly GI symptoms of nausea, loss of appetite, etc. that may or may not have been related since I had a hard time getting over the recovery from the back fractures. ... (6 replies)
Just found out
Jan 8, 2004
... I am now 50 and had premature ovarian failure at 42. I took HRT for about 5 years and then went off it when the scares came out. I stupidly ignored the Dr's advise and did not take calcium. ... (2 replies)

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