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... Neelia, when I first was diagnosed with osteoporosis and I started to do internet research, I came upon at least one web site that was devoted to young people with osteoporosis. ... (12 replies)
... Neelia, ask to see an Endocrinologist for your osteoporosis. Also ask about vitamin D supplementation. I was just reading the results of a recent study that the recommended daily dosage is WAY to low and that a good 50% of adults should be getting 700-1000 IU of vitamin D daily. All studies have included participants being on calcium supplementation along w/the Actonel or... (12 replies)
... month for the daily shot...............what a relief. She has until end of December to apply, and then can start the shots in January.............what a relief...... ... (8 replies)

... Please do a search for "osteoporosis" " websites" etc. on your seach engine with the name "Leslie "in it. She is a fairly young person who has very bad osteoporosis as well as other health problems.. She started this site and I belive also used to be a nurse. There is lots of info on that site. ... (12 replies)
... So sorry abpout your severe osteo. Don't feel bad I have it to and just started Forteo about 1 months ago. It is not that hard really and the needle is very shrp and small so it goes in easily and really doesn't hurt at all , I don't think. It just takes practice so to speak and you get used to it pretty quickly . I used to be a nurse so it might have been a bit... (17 replies)
... I was diagnosed last Monday as having Osteoporosis. Today I went to my doctor to get the results of the bone density and found out it is severe. My right hip is -3.6 and my left hip is -3.3. Yikes!! Fortunately, my spine isn't too bad. I turn 58 next month, I'm 5'4" and weigh 123. Has anyone else been this bad? I could use a little encouragement!! The doctor is going... (17 replies)
... Hello! I am new to these boards and am only 18 years old, but I have the bones of a 75 year old. I have osteoporosis in my lower back and right hip, and osteopenia in my left hip. ... (12 replies)
... old patient who is giving herself daily shots. ... (12 replies)
... Forteo but given the recent "study" stating Forteo wasn't cost effective except for certain cases of osteoporosis I wouldn't count on many, if any, insurances being willing to pay for it. ... (12 replies)
... it's an injectable medication for osteoporosis that several of us here are using. It does work to build bone density. It's very easy to do the injections so tell her not to worry about that. ... (12 replies)
... Has anyone ever heard of taking a daily hormone shot for osteoporosis? ... (8 replies)
... She got kind of mad, told me "don't get me going etc." and told me to get another bone density this coming June. Ever since I got that report two years ago of my osteoporosis I made sure to get lots of calcium, taking calcium pills, eat yoghurt daily, eat lots of cheese etc. ... (7 replies)
... thinning osteoporosis appears to prevent spine and hip fractures even though it is given only once a year, eliminating the need for a strict daily pill regimen, preliminary data show. ... (13 replies)
... spine series showed adult onset scoliosis with a shift to the right. The shift is where the compression fractures are the highest in number. Just took my third shot of Forteo. No side effects yet. VERY PLEASED with my insurance. ... (23 replies)
... but I didn't have a dxa until years later, and I wasn't on any estrogen so I suffered bone loss from that, or so I'm told. My grandmother also had severe osteoporosis with the dowagers hump, and lost height so I have a family history of it. ... (13 replies)
... mg. Zantac PM and still have the problem and the endo wants me to take Fosamax. I am really scared to even if it is the liquid. The liquid does not come in daily only weekly dosing. Pills sometimes get stuck so that is why she gave me the liquid and said "it won't make your problem any worse". Right!!!! ... (34 replies)
... so I see this as a benefit for her. Her osteoporosis is very serious and she really has no other choice. ... (8 replies)
... No my plan doesn't have a limit. Are you talking about the coverage gap that the Medicare Part D plans have, where there's no coverage between $2400.00 and 3850.00 out of pocket expense? There usually aren't any limits on these plans unless she has one I'm not familiar with. Yes, you take forteo for 2 years. You pay a copay for it until you reach the coverage gap, then you... (8 replies)
... ing the injection to yourself in the abdomen turned out to be "a piece of cake". I don't doubt your honesty but that's hard to believe! The thought of giving a shot to myself in the abdomen actually makes me feel queasy. I really don't know how you're doing that. ... (19 replies)
... Hello All, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis 5 years ago--I am now 52. I do have a compression fracture in my spine. (I guess I was sort of in denial until the pain started in my back.) I tried the meds from the doctors with only more problems with the side effects. The doctor wants me to get the daily shot now & I said NO! I am sick of the side effects of the drugs. I... (3 replies)

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