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... about this, since we all knew that something like this could possibly happen, but what is real important to remember, is that there still is no link between the forteo and the cancer. This patient had an extremely complex medical history with several other severe diseases. ... (17 replies)
... The first human death from osteosarcoma has been reported in a patient who was taking Forteo. ... (17 replies)
... there were no Human deaths during the clinical trials, just what we already know about the rat testing. Sorry if that wasn't made clear. In the general public, osteosarcoma occurs at 4 in 1 million patients. ... (17 replies)

... To be compeletly honest...I stopped taking forteo because I could not shake my anxiety about taking the forteo and its association with osteosarcoma. Now this news makes me even more nervous about getting back on forteo. ... (17 replies)
... I don't suspect that Lily will say anything until the cause of death is determined, the osteosarcoma could be a result of one of the patients other diseases and not Forteo, that's something we don't know yet. Hopefully your Dr. ... (17 replies)
... Well, by that same logic, you should never go to a hospital for any reason, since nearly 10,000 people a year die from hospital-acquired infections. ;) (17 replies)
... Just remember that we "won't know" if it was the Forteo that caused the osteosarcoma, or one of the "other disease's" this patient had. So I wouldn't jump to any conclusion until we know more about it. ... (17 replies)
... Thanks for the link. This is pretty scary, since before this, no human on Forteo had developed an osteosarcoma. I guess I'm going to hang in and finish the course of treatment. I'm done with my two years on March 1st. ... (17 replies)
... Hi All: Additional info has been released on this case, however the patients cause of death is still unknown. Scroll to Forteo. . (17 replies)
... This is not good news--I did find one article about the death in July 2006. Does anybody think there was another one also? I hope not. I would assume that as soon as it was discovered the patient stopped the forteo. What does comorbid mean? I guess the article was implying that there were other possible causes for the cancer. (17 replies)
... DesertBloom is right, we don't have all the information but I sure hope that it is eventually released and that the Forteo was not the cause because it has helped so many people already. ... (17 replies)
... I have my next dr. check in two weeks, and I plan to talk to him about that and also what my choices are for when I am finished with the Forteo. Have you finished your 2 years yet, and what will you do next? ... (17 replies)
... It is not as cut and dried statements surrounding the death as I would like to know, but at least it is an alert to what has or can happen. ... (17 replies)
... I hope this doesn't worry anyone, because this was difinitely NOT my intention. I fell that all knowledge is helpful, and anyone taking this med had to know that this could happen at some time even though the risks were extremely low. ... (17 replies)
... ll rats are predisposed to "some" cancers, but not all of the types we humans see. When they started the study they couldn't have known that the rats would get osteosarcoma from Forteo. ... (17 replies)
... ll try to answer your questions the best I can. In the Forteo v Fosamax Trial for Back Pain Study, they reported a significant reduction in back pain in the Forteo group and no reduction of pain in the Fosamax group. ... (17 replies)
... ed to know he offered me another course of treatment with Forteo. I said I didn't know one could have another course, but apparently more studies have been done and so far, no osteosarcomas. I told him that I'd been nervous about the osteosarcoma and was sort of glad to be finished with Forteo. ... (17 replies)
... Atmgd, I'm glad you had some improvement on forteo and you're right forteo is the only U.S. drug that "actually" builds "new" bone, which is why they use it prior to bone surgeries. ... (17 replies)
... Thank you for your warning. I'm very familiar with the dangers and my doc even told me about the labs rats, monkeys and pigs but hasn't mentioned any human that have gotten osteosarcoma from Forteo. ... (4 replies)
... PikaB, You can weigh your options when the time comes. (17 replies)

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