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... I was on Actonel for 15 months, and suffered with bad back pain! Also, my last Dexa Scan said that I went from osteopenia to osteoporosis on the Actonel!! I stopped taking it!!! ... (14 replies)
... I've been reading the posts on hyperparathryoidism. I have an appointment with my hemotologist on Thursday. Last week a had a CBC. If I ask him, will that CBC show my calcium and PTH levels? ... (1 replies)
Jun 10, 2005
... From my personal experience with Actonel for Osteopenia and sitting at the doorway of osteoporosis, I would think long and hard before taking it. ... (37 replies)

For My Wife
Sep 5, 2003
... She has been to our regular GP, and a spine clinic. The Dr. at the clinic placed her in phys. therapy for about 5 weeks which has helped. Her symptoms are pain in the upper back, very painful "catches" that kick like a mule. The catches are what we cannot seem to rid her of. ... (14 replies)
... Thanks so much for your reply, and I agree with you, we need to be our own advocates when it comes to prescriptions and doctor's orders... ... (38 replies)
... I have 2 health food stores around where I live. I am 60 years young and have had Osteopenia for 3 years. It might even be Osteoporosis by now. ... (12 replies)
Feb 19, 2008
... really feel like I have very much nerve pain, it's deeper. I do have muscle relaxers, which I take rarely. I've tried Neurontin and Lyrica, which neither helped with my type of pain, and I don't really see how this one could, either. I took one yesterday and I my right eye felt blurry and bloodshot. ... (3 replies)
... and very little energy. I had part of my thyroid removed along with my parathyroid. My calcuim levels dropped immediately and the pth levels have leveled out. ... (80 replies)
... I was on Actonel for 15 months and I went from osteopenia to osteoporosis. I also tried Boniva. ... (6 replies)
... read that an acidic diet will cause bone loss, so I am trying to balance acidic and alkaline foods at meal time, tonight I ate acidic chicken, so I balanced it with alkaline okra, mixed green salad, and grapes for dessert. I mixed some calcium fortified orange juice and mustard in my salad for dressing. ... (2 replies)
... fferently. Forteo actually grows new bone where the others except Strontium Cit. just slows bone loss through the inhibition of resorption. Some doc will agree with the Strontium Cit. course, and others are totally against it like my doc. You'll just have to decide if you want to go for it, and see if it helps. ... (12 replies)
... I don't know anything about fibromyalgia but I wish you luck with it. ... (9 replies)
... Since I found out that after taking Actonel for 15 months and I went from Osteopenia to Osteoporosis while on it, I am not taking it for now! I haven't taken it for a month now. I do take 1200 mg of Calcium a day with Vitamin D. ... (0 replies)
... So sorry to hear of your travails with the medical community. I would think Osteopenia would not merit being prescribed Fosamax. Your main issue seems to be pain. Have you considered a good Pain Management Clinic? ... (1 replies)
... on. Of course the xray showed nothing and my fp diagnosed ankle sprain. I knew that wasn't the problem, but I followed her treatment plan for 3 weeks while the pain got worse. She then sent me to have an MRI, which showed a stress fx of the distal tibia. ... (11 replies)
"Bone quality"?
Jan 18, 2013
... I had the osteopenia diagnosis in the beginning of last year. I too didn't want to take any of the meds even had a dr friend tell me not to! ... (17 replies)
... Another thought...make sure you are properly checked by an MD for a laundry list of problems that can cause this condition (or contribute to it). This list is not an exhaustive list, but some of the more common things that can mimic/contribute to this condition are: bone cancer, some types of leukemia, pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid, hormone, Lyme disease, osteopenia, vitamin... (31 replies)
... Now I walk, lift weights, swim, bike, etc, as much as I can, but I have back and knee injuries so I have to stay within my pain threshold. ... (38 replies)
... Sorry to bother you with this question, but what does "Forteo" mean? ... (22 replies)
Osteoporosis at 39
Sep 25, 2008
... I am a 39yo premenopausal female recently diagnosed with osteoporosis. ... (6 replies)

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