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... That my bones were having rapid cartalige loss,and I could die if continued at the rate it had been. ... (17 replies)
... The Doctor at the TX Back Instatute mentioned it and said he wouldn't try it untill I have been diagnosed with what is causing my bone loss. ... (17 replies)
... Bone densitometry of PA lumbar spine and proximal right forearm was performed using a DXA Hologic bone densitometer in the fast array scan mode. ... (17 replies)

... I'd wait and see the blood test results. Has anyone looked into why your ALP level is so high? Because one of the causes can be osteomalacia, a condition in which the bones become soft. Symptoms include weakness, lack of appetite, weight loss, pain, and bones that fracture easily. Or it could be hyperparathyroidism. Either way, I still think an endocrinologist would be the... (17 replies)
... Glad you feel alittle better about treatment with Forteo. If only I had known when the bone loss first started I would have taken all measures to correct it. ... (10 replies)
... during the day. This works fine for me, although, I think maybe the two alarms thing would drive some crazy. I have also added Wild Yam progesterone cream for bone health. All this since I went of HRT because of continuing scary breast cancer threat. ... (7 replies)
Need help PLEASE
Jun 11, 2003
... I am also 56. I had fairly good bone density until I went off HRT last July after the study came out that was SO unfavorable. ... (5 replies)
... Phyllis, thanks so much for your info! It's good to know some of you have background in the thyroid issues too -- I didn't recall seeing anyone mention thyroid in the earlier posts I read, but then of course there were only so many I could read during my few days of "lurking"! To answer your question, I'm 54, about 2 years into menopause. So I figure I have about 3 years left... (8 replies)
New to the board
Feb 27, 2010
... of Celiacs have an autoimmune response to a protein called OPG which controls osteoclasts. Autoimmune attack on OPG will apparently promote rapid bone loss. ... (7 replies)
... It would have nice if they had done the PTH levels, but I suspect they don't do those at the clinic. My guess is that they would have had to send them out for analysis and that would have taken longer to get the results back. I really hope the endocrinologist can identify the underlying cause of your problem. Good luck on Thursday. (17 replies)
... got the phone today....picking them up to take w/ me to the next Doctor,Thursday. everything checked came back NORMAL. 5 of the 14 dwere orthopedic Doctors I left him the FDA report i got off the Forteo website (17 replies)
... The comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP) will include the blood serium and I think ionized calcium level tests. The PTH is a related test, but I don't know if it is included or not. BTW did you talk to the doctor about your concerns with taking Forteo? Is one of those 14 doctors you've seen an orthopedic doctor? Hopefully, you'll get some answers to your problem soon. (17 replies)
... These are the only tests the Doctor ordered today Profiles/Tests 899 -TSH 6399-CBC (INCLUDES DIFF/PLT) (17 replies)
... I'd also wait on the Forteo and express your concerns about taking it since your Alkaline Phosphatase levels were so high. The diagnoses for Hyperparathyroidism is based on clinical evidence (blood serium calcium, ionized calcium, and PTH levels.) Get the tests done. Just keep in mind that CA levels can fluctuate. Check out the "diagnose" link on the parathyroid web... (17 replies)
... Jeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Just checked out the website below on Forteo and it says it should not be prescribed to people w/ unexplained high Alkaline Phosphatase levels mine was 150 back in December. The Doctor I saw today had December blood results in his hand when he told me he was putting me on it. Now I don’t feel quite... (17 replies)
... I called to make a Rheumatoidologist appointment and when I told to girl taking the appointments I didn’t have insurance she suggested I go to the Prime Care Clinic…they only charge $30. per visit. sure beats the $ was going to cost to see him at his office. So I make the appointment w/ prime care and when I show up, today I end up seeing the same Doctor (#14) I had... (17 replies)
... Rodekill, I'm in agreement with your doctor about finding the underlying cause of your problems before they do any surgery. My guess is that if it is your parathyroid then all the calcium supplements you are taking aren't helping. In fact they could be aggrevating the problem more so. I was diagnosed a year ago with hyperparathyroidism and had to be off calcium supplements... (17 replies)
... Rodekill, it's nice to see you here again, but I'm sorry you're still in so much pain. I still think the accident caused some of or at least aggravated existing problems. You might ask your doctors whether it's too late to have kyphoplasty done on your collapsed vertebrae. They put a balloon into the vertebral space, blow it up to expand the vertebra to its normal height,... (17 replies)
... To be diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism would be a blessing! Thats a GREAT SITE! Thanks I had blood test in Nov. Alcaline Phosphatasen was 150 Glucose was 117 those were the only ones high calcium was 9.7 I'm sure I will have lots more Thursday. (17 replies)
... taape Yes im taking Calcium + D 600 OS-CAL Ostieo Bi- Flex And a Multi Vitamin I’m eating….. Whatever mostly heat up TV dinners, I am never hungry. The one who put me on Fosomax also put me on sleeping pills,2 kinds of muscle relaxers,a nerve modulator,and everything else mentioned above….And never prescribed anything for my bronchitis ….I got rid of everything but the... (17 replies)

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