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... Peregrine I agree with you in taking the amount the protocol of a product suggest. But one has also to do have our judgement. ... (79 replies)
... does not also mean that your bones aren't necessarily strong! General body aches and pains are usually arthritic. Migraines are also not considered a symptom of osteoporosis. ... (64 replies)
... I have trouble with taking vitamins in the morning, because if I eat oat bran cereal I don't take any vitamins until later in the morning, but then I run out of time sometimes during the day and night to take all of them, it knocks my schedule off. ... (64 replies)

... theres no shortage of supplements available, as we have found out...but if it sounds too good to be true ... ... (64 replies)
... used to take 2 at a time now space the two out for better absorption.I was on Fosamax and had to stop after 6 months due to side effects. ... (79 replies)
... a salt. although it is not available here, other sources of strontium, that have proven to be just as good are, such as strontium citrate. I take a brand that provides 340 mg in acapsule. ... (4 replies)
... Fusion of the deterioateing spine. ... (58 replies)
... existing conditions and need medical insurance and plan to move out of these states. ... (64 replies)
... foster a sickness industry with the questionable DEXA machine which cannot measure quality of bone .. ... (64 replies)
... and God forbid, the patient might actually have an opinion of their own. And God forbid, the RX drug manufacturers might make a few dollars LESS. Heaven forbid!!!! ... (64 replies)
... with magnesium. I also take Vit D year round because of where I live. The amount of sunshine we get is worthless. ... (64 replies)
... Hi jacal...its good to know that fruits and veggies are good for your bones as well as the rest of you. ... (64 replies)
... several posts will come up regarding the dangers of soy and why soy can cause osteoporosis. ... (64 replies)
... Lifting weights is so good cause its the pull of the muscle against the bone during lifting that makes it stronger. I like lifting, it makes me feel strong both physically and mentally. ... (64 replies)
... Hi Phyllwyll and all, Remember me? We exchanged birthday greeting last year, both of us born in 1952 I was in southern Ca. for three months and off these boards for about five months, I had to catch up on my life in NY. Ca. was great, I loved all the sunshine (good for bones) and I lost ten pounds walking all the beaches! The low humidity in Ca. kept my injured knees... (64 replies)
... e still the same person you were before you were dx with osteo. YOU can still do all things you enjoyed doing before. Bone density test can measure the density of your bones, but not the strength. Your bones can be less dense, but still strong. We've all felt like you do now, afraid to move, bend or try new things. ... (64 replies)
... this has been a very interesting thread. A lot of stuff that has needed to be said. ... (64 replies)
... The bottle should tell you the RDA on each of the minerals you mentioned. ... (64 replies)
... I agree with DesertBloom. I think food provides the best source of nutrients. ... (64 replies)
... Wow that's even worse than I thought, and weight has nothing to do with the amount you should take. What kind of Dr told you that calcium can't be measured? ... (64 replies)

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